The Most Passionate Fans for Advertisers


Where Advertisers Can Target Passion

In an intensely competitive and increasingly targeted viewing environment, passionate fans are more than ever becoming Madison Avenue’s “Holy Grail.”

Our Passionate Fan Index (PFI) derives from a unique formula combining 12 attributes from E-Score® Programs to produce a comprehensive measurement of the engagement and emotional connection fans have with a show.

We’ve identified a number of programs in each distribution platform that advertisers may look to for that extra edge.

  • The top five shows are all first or second-year programs, and 7 of the top 25 are new shows. Sophomore This Is Us once again leads all shows with the most Passionate fans.
  • Dramas including family, medical, military, musical, and procedural, are a favorite genre among passionate viewers and score higher than comedies.
  • Though the comedy genre isn’t as well represented as drama with only 5 shows on the top 25, Roseanne and Young Sheldon are two new additions to the list this year.

PFI -Cable Programs

With a focus on prestige dramas and high-profile series, cable has the highest overall PFI scores. Although some of the most popular programs are coming to an end in 2019, there are still shows that continue to have passionate fan bases and are good targets for advertisers.

  • Game of Thrones, a show entering its final season, has the highest Awareness and most Passionate fans on cable. It also ranks first on key attributes such as Exciting, Engaging, and One of My Favorites.
  • Rick and Morty, which was recently renewed on Adult Swim for another 70 episodes, is the only animated show to make the top 25 list for cable programs.
  • FX and HBO are the two networks with the most shows in the top 25 but both have programs approaching their series finales with The Americans and Game of Thrones, respectively.

PFI – Streaming Original Programs

In the streaming world, “passion” is a digital business model and a core goal for all programs. Our PFI list includes streaming originals from all major streaming services and can easily be segmented by key demographics. Below, for example, are the top shows among Millennials. PFI_streaming

  • While Netflix is the streaming platform that dominates the millennial PFI list, two of its shows in the top five (Sense8, House of Cards) are coming to an end, potentially opening the door for other programs.
  • Netflix’s Stranger Things is the only show appearing in the top five list across all three generations.
  • Millennials and Gen Xers have more shows in common with each other than with Insta-Gens who were more passionate about the reboot, Fuller House, than the other two generations.


Our Passionate Fan Index goes far beyond ratings by providing a comprehensive measurement of engagement and emotional connection to help brands and advertisers get a better understanding of why viewers are watching a show. This unique measure along with all the features of E-Score Programs can be used to help advertisers and their agencies find the best environment for their message.


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