Celebrities Doing Well By Doing Good


Some celebrities use their celebrity status to the benefit of others. These selfless acts don’t go unnoticed, as our E-Score® Celebrity data suggests these celebrities tend to score highly in categories that align with their philanthropic endeavors.

JJ Watt – Leading by Example

In the case of J.J. Watt, when the city of Houston suffered devastating losses from Hurricane Harvey, the Houston Texans star linebacker led the way in raising over $37 million in relief funds and tapping into the hearts of Americans across the country.

  • After his help with Hurricane Harvey relief, J.J. Watt saw a significant spike in many attributes, but none more than Compassionate where he jumped from 7 to 24, highest among all NFL players.
  • Along with Compassionate, Watt scores more than double the athlete average in Influential (30), Sincere (22), and Trustworthy (17).
  • When asked to describe him, our Open Ends reveal how much impact his selfless acts had on people, with comments like: “Big hearted person,” “Blessed with ethics,” and “A great guy with hurricane Harvey and his charity has raised over 30 million for this hurricane relief in Texas.”

Bill Gates – First in Business, First in Philanthropy

Bill Gates is a pioneer in the tech industry but he is now just as recognized for his philanthropic work. Regarded as the most influential businessperson this year, Gates has pledged the better part of his fortune to those in need and is one of the most positively viewed celebrities, not just among businesspeople.

  • Despite being out of the limelight, the Microsoft founder holds high scores well above the Businessperson average in Intelligent (63), Influential (30), and Experienced (34).
  • One of Gates’ most notable attributes is Activist (23), an attribute sometimes associated with louder, more polarizing celebrities. In his case, and for the other celebrities doing good, however, Activist is associated with positive contributions to society.
  • Looking further into Open Ends, Gates’ philanthropic efforts play a large role in his public perception with comments like “He is an icon in the tech field and an incredible philanthropist,” and “Inspirational. Love this man and all he is doing for the world.”

Bindi Irwin – A Legacy of Good Energy

Like her late father, Steve Irwin, Bindi Irwin is a passionate advocate for the protection and preservation of wildlife and the environment. The young star is definitely on the rise, recently winning on Dancing with the Stars, having a Barbie made after her, and landing an upcoming show with the rest of the Irwin family on Animal Planet.Celebs-Doing-Good_3_b

  • Her very high Appeal (73), Intelligent (40), and Down to Earth (39) scores are all positive signs for her upcoming show. Like her father before her, Irwin’s Good Energy (44) attribute is one of the highest among all TV Personalities.
  • Bindi’s Appeal spreads across all demographics as she holds high numbers among various age groups: 82% among 13-24, 72% among 25-54, and 70% among 55+.
  • Comments used to describe the late Crocodile Hunter’s daughter include “Her father would be proud of her” and “I love Bindi Irwin! She’s classy and I think she has the potential to inspire a lot of young kids to love animals. Honestly, I admire her.”


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