Which Hot Celebrity and Brand Pairings are Working Today ?

Why Celebrity and Brand Alignments Last Longer Than Their Marriages

One of the most successful celebrity and brand pairings has been Pepsi and Britney Spears, whose relationship with each other in the early 2000s produced a series of memorable commercials.

That relationship continues today as Pepsi featured Ms. Spears in their 2018 Super Bowl campaign. Using E-Score® Brand and E-Score® Celebrity, we took a look at how their partnership has succeeded over the years.

  • Britney Spears’ Appeal has increased since 2003 when she mostly appealed to younger fans ages 13-21 (32%). Today her Appeal is 40% among those same millennials who are now ages 28-36.
  • Physical attributes like Attractive (33%) and Beautiful (24%) have stayed strong for Britney Spears. These attributes keep Pepsi’s appeal robust among men (6 points higher than with women).
  • To boost Pepsi’s attributes like Bold (9%), Cool (17%), and Distinctive (13%), Spears possesses attributes such as Exciting, Dynamic, and Influential which have risen over the years.

Athletic Pairings: Gal Gadot & Reebok

With athletic wear moving into mainstream fashion, Reebok has signed a non-professional athlete to represent their “Be More Human” slogan.  Gal Gadot, who is most famous for her role as Wonder Woman, has many strong attributes that will boost the sportswear brand.

  • The Wonder Woman star’s top attributes relate to physique and beauty but she also scores highly in Confident (38%), Intelligent (30%), and Good Energy (32%), falling in alignment with Reebok’s “Be More Human” campaign.
  • Gadot could help boost Reebok’s image for Trend-Setter (13%), Cutting-Edge (6%), and Inspirational (3%).
  • If appealing to a younger demographic is a priority for Reebok, Gadot couldn’t be a better choice. Among ages 13-24, Gadot has a 93% Appeal compared to Reebok’s 23% among the same age group.

Catching a Comet: Aligning with Chloe Kim

The hottest up-and-comer from this year’s Winter Games is the snowboarding sensation, Chloe Kim. Although she has been aligned with brands such as Oakley, Nike, and Toyota, her endorsement contracts all expire on her 18th birthday.  Who is going to latch on to her next act?Celeb_Brand_3_f

  • Brands looking to boost their Cool, Cutting Edge, and Trend-Setter scores can benefit from Chloe Kim as an endorser because she scores above the athlete average in Exciting (30%), Funny (18%), and Trend-Setter (16%).
  • Among Kim’s current sponsors Nike, Oakley, Visa, and Samsung, being seen as A Leader is a common top 5 attribute. Kim’s recent gold medals and high attributes like Talented and Unique help sponsors maintain their leadership status.
  • Although her career is still in its infancy, Chloe Kim’s attributes score well across the board making her a prime candidate for any brand. Her top attributes include Talented (69%), Physically Fit (46%), Good Energy (32%), and Exciting (30%).


The relationship between brands and their endorsers can add lasting value for both parties if the fit is right. With the help of E-Score Brand and E-Score Celebrity, brands can either discover which celebrities best align with their core values or see how a current endorser is impacting their brand.


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