Upfronts – Positioning a Cable Brand


To demonstrate the flexibility and usability of E-Score® Brand for cable networks during the “upfronts,” we picked several attributes among the 18-49 demographic to showcase what cable networks can do to exhibit their strengths and unique value for advertisers.


  • Cable Network A is a family-oriented network with children’s programming. Solely on Appeal, they Rank 9th among all other cable networks but when viewing their Family-Friendly attribute – a much more relevant measurement for their brand – they score highest (63) among all cable networks.
  • Different attributes can also be used to complement each other and help paint a clear picture for a cable network’s advertiser targets. Cable Network A also scores first in Fun (51) and is in the top 10 cable networks in Entertaining (44).
  • E-Score Brand can also be used to isolate specific demographics within those same categories. Cable Network A ranks in the top 5 in both Family-Friendly and Fun among millennials.

Unique Positioning

To further demonstrate how a cable network can utilize E-Score Brand we looked at the Informative attribute, and Cable Network Z – a network primarily showing educational programming to an older demographic. Compared to Cable Network A, Cable Network Z scored much higher in categories important to its particular brand.


  • Cable Network Z scored highest in Informative (54) among all cable networks and tied with one of their direct competitors – Cable Network Y.
  • When advertisers view a competitive set of brands for the right environment, E-Score Brand provides the valuable information at their fingertips. Cable Network Z is able to see that it ranks higher than Y in important attributes like A Leader, High-Quality and Influential.
  • E-Score Brand can also be used to identify key areas where the competition is performing better. Cable Network Y outperforms Cable Network Z as a Classic network.

The Voice of the Viewer

Attributes are not the only way a cable network and advertisers can use E-Score Brand. Agreement Statements and Open Ends are unique features that give a brand further insight, directly connecting with the opinions of their consumers.


  • When asked if they Would Recommend to Friends/Family, Cable Network A scored a 54%, ranking it in the top 3 among all cable networks.
  • When asked to describe Cable Network A, consumers say, “Has good programming for the little ones of the house” and “My kid’s favorite channel. I feel comfortable with them watching it.”
  • When asked “What is the first thought that comes to mind when you see the name of this brand?” Cable Network Z viewers said “Educational and entertaining programs” and “Leader in the field of information.”


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