April Fool’s Fun Facts

In celebration of April Fool’s day, we’ve scoured our database for the following facts. The trick is that not all of these facts are true. See if you can guess which are true and which are “Fool’s Facts,” then let us know in the comments how many you got right.

Click on the statements to reveal the correct answer.

1. Tim Tebow is considered the most Compassionate celebrity by faith-based consumers.

True: his Compassionate score of 33 with faith-based Americans is the highest of any celebrity.


2. J (Julius Erving) has a higher Influential score than either Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil.

False: Dr. J is in the top ten for the attribute Influential among all NBA Players, past or present, but Dr. Oz (33%) and Dr. Phil (27%) outrank Dr. J (23%).


3. Among figure skating fans, Queen has the highest Appeal of any musical act.

True: Queen’s 51% Like A Lot score among figure skating fans is the highest of all musical acts.


4. Cat Owners would rather buy merchandise featuring Garfield than Snoopy

False: 37% of cat owners are Interested in Clothing featuring Snoopy, while 33% want to wear Garfield items.


5. Among Rap Music fans, Luke Bryan is the Country act they most Want to See in Concert.

True: Half of all rap fans are Very Interested in seeing Bryan Performing in Concert


6. Kids 6-12 who watch Netflix consider Rita Repulsa more Creepy than either Darth Vader or Captain Hook.

True: With a Creepy score of 32%, the million-year-old witch from Power Rangers out-creeps Darth Vader (29%) and Captain Hook (28%).


7. TV and radio personality Howard Stern is considered more Approachable and has a more Distinctive Voice than Rush Limbaugh.

False: Stern and O’Reilly are tied at 6% Approachable, but Limbaugh’s voice is considered distinctive by 38% to Stern’s 32%.


8. “Non-Social” consumers say Snapchat is more Entertaining than other social media platforms.

True: Snapchat is considered the most Entertaining Social Media platform by consumers who disagree strongly with the statement “I am a very social person.”


9. Carmen Sandiego is the video game character that consumers most Want to See in a TV Series.

True: A third of all consumers are Very Interested in a TV series about the international thief.


10. Charo ranks in the top ten among all celebrities for the attribute Kooky/Wacky.

False: but only just barely. She’s 12th among all celebrities for this Attribute. Cuchi-Cuchi!

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