Brands That Take a Stand


Politically/Socially Minded Consumers

Brands will “take a stand” for many reasons, but one important factor to consider before they take any position is how motivated their customer base is.

Using E-Score® Brand, we looked at some brands who have recently been in the news for taking a stand on current issues, sorted by how Politically Motivated their customer base is.

  • Of these brands that took a stand, Nordstrom has one of the biggest differences in Appeal (7 points, tied with Cadillac and Starbucks) with politically-motivated consumers versus those who aren’t. Chick-fil-A, on the other hand, is strongest among consumers who don’t consider political and social issues important, with a 9-point boost in appeal among the latter group.
  • One interesting category is restaurant/food service, where Chipotle is more appealing (by 5 points) with non-motivated consumers while Starbucks is 7 points more appealing to consumers who do consider issues important.
  • It’s also helpful to know not only how strong your customers leanings are, but also where they fall on the political spectrum. E-Score Brand data shows that CVS, for example, not only has 4-point higher Appeal among consumers who are not politically-motivated, but also has an 8-point boost in Appeal and 5-point boost in Loyalty among Democrats vs Republicans.

Trending Shoe Brands

Using E-Score Brand, we can track the consequences for a brand after they have spoken out on a particular issue. We viewed shoe brands who took positions on the travel ban in 2017. Though it’s difficult to make a direct correlation between their stance and changes in public perception, we can see that these brands didn’t experience a negative impact based on their positions.

  • Adidas, Nike, and Puma all benefited from jumps in Appeal post travel ban, while Adidas had the largest leap (+5) in their Influential measure.
  • Both Nike and Under Armour saw no decline in their Cool score while Adidas saw a 7 point jump.
  • Generally positive results suggest that passionate fans expect action from these brands and don’t take offense at their statements.


Whether it’s tracking a brand after taking a stand on a controversial issue or viewing how its consumers can be affected by taking a stand, E-Score Brand is the perfect tool for brands to track and strategize.


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