Trailblazer Brands are Setting Tomorrow’s Trends

Using E-Score® Brand we combined the attributes Trend-Setter, Innovative, Cool, and Influential to come up with a new “Trailblazer” score, offering better insight to which brands are leading the way in their markets. Our leading “Trailblazer” is Apple, and their score of 32 is more than three times the average brand.

With 39 different attributes, E-Score Brand gives all brands the ability to combine and create custom indexes measuring the dimensions that are important to them, and setting up meaningful comparisons that stretch across industries.

  • Tesla not only holds second place and a “Trailblazer” score three times the average (30) but it is also the only brand representing the automotive category in the top ten.
  • Six of the top ten brands on our “Trailblazer” list are tech-related. Among more traditional industries, Starbucks (21) is the highest-ranked “Trailblazer” among restaurant and food brands.

Wearing it Proudly

Nothing speaks to trends more than fashion so we took a look at Apparel brands to see which are paving the way in the eyes of Americans.

  • The top three “Trailblazer” sportswear brands are Nike (26), Under Armour (22), and Adidas (20), all three of which have big name athletes like LeBron James and Stephen Curry endorsing their product and likely boosting their scores.
  • When musicians get involved with fashion, it can lead to a trendy product. Kanye West’s Adidas YEEZY and Puff Daddy’s Sean John are brands in the top ten “Trailblazer” apparel brands.

Out Front Online

Another area where innovation and leadership is important is online media and services. Here are the top trailblazing websites.trailblazing-websites_3_2018_3_14_C

  • Among social networks, Pinterest holds the top spot with a “Trailblazer” score of 21, edging out popular platforms like Facebook (19) and Instagram (18).
  • Although YouTube and Twitch both offer paid premium versions of their streaming services, Netflix has the highest “Trailblazer” score among paid-only streaming media services.
  • Outside the top ten web sites, Snapchat (18) misses the top grouping primarily because of its lower Influential score.


Trends are always changing and brands are constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve. E-Score Brand provides the ability to track public opinion on your brand as well as your competitors’ making it an invaluable tool for any industry.


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