Who are the Most Impactful Women?

Female celebrities of all kinds including politicians, musicians, actors and authors, have a strong impact on women of all ages.  Using a combination of attributes from E-Score® Celebrity (Influential, Can Identify With, and Appeal), we created an Impactful score to identify and rank the female celebrities that women in younger and older demographic groups find most Impactful.

  • Michelle Obama is the most Impactful (51) among women ages 13-24 and has the top Impact Score among the names common to both the older and younger lists, followed by Ellen DeGeneres.
  • Musicians tend to be more influential among the younger female demo. There are twice as many musicians (4) in the top 15 compared to the older age group. Beyoncé is the top musician on the 13-24 list with an Impact score of 41.
  • Film Actors are the category most represented (8) in the top 30 Impactful women among the younger demographic.

Politicians & Businesswomen more Impactful to Older Demographic

There are some differences in the professions represented by the women on each list. Politicians and public figures are more Impactful to women ages 25-54 and unlike the younger age group, internet celebrities are not present in their top 30.

      • Among women 25-54, there are two elected politicians in the top 15 compared to none for the younger demographic. Elizabeth Warren is not only the most Impactful politician but also holds the highest Impact score (35).
      • While the younger demographic favored film actors as more Impactful, women 25-54 favor TV actors, with a total of six representing the category in their top 30.
      • Gal Gadot, who is best known for her work as Wonder Woman, has an Impactful score of 25 for women 25-54 yet she does not crack the top 30 among the younger demographic.

90th Academy Awards

As a symbol of solidarity, Best Actress winner Frances McDormand asked all her fellow female nominees in all categories to stand with her showing the influence women have in the entertainment industry. Here are all the women nominees and winners in the acting categories along with their Impact scores among both men and women.Impactful-Women_3_2018-3-7_B

  • In her acceptance speech, Frances McDormand asked Meryl Streep to stand saying “if you do it, everybody else will,” and she was right because Meryl Streep holds the top Impactful, Influential, and Activist score among all the nominated actresses.
  • Among the nominees for Best Supporting Actress, Octavia Spencer holds the highest Impact score (20) and is the only previous Oscar winner, suggesting that the win for Allison Janney could mean a boost in her Impact score in the future.
  • We will update McDormand and the other Oscar winners to track the impact of their award-winning performances.


The zeitgeist moves quickly, and whether you’re searching for a new spokesperson or tracking changing attitudes towards current celebrities, E-Score Celebrity is the perfect tool to stay abreast of public opinion.


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