E-Poll Introduces DynaTrack


E-Poll is proud to introduce DynaTrack, a flexible and dynamic tool that simplifies tracking studies for brands, consumer groups and television programs.

Drawing on 20 years of experience in TV, consumer, and brand tracking, E-Poll has created a product that offers complete flexibility, rapid-turn around, proven methodology and consistent results, all at an affordable price point that beats other options. Whether this is your first tracking study or fiftieth, E-Poll’s DynaTrack will meet your objectives.

How can you use DynaTrack?

All of the DynaTrack offerings include:

  • Standard Measures: Awareness, Consumption, Attitudes, Loyalty
  • Consistent, Reliable Results
  • Normative Benchmarks
  • Diagnostic Indicators
  • The ability to filter your results


With DynaTrack Premiere you are able to track new and/or returning broadcast, cable, or streaming programs as they premiere.  We answer these questions, and more:

  • Is Awareness growing as the premiere date nears?
  • How does your expected tune-in compare to your competition?
  • Is your marketing effective at driving interest? Why or why not?
  • Are there any “red flags” to be aware of?

Diagnostic Question Areas Include:

  • Levels and sources of awareness
  • Appeal of Advertising
  • Program Perceptions
  • Intent to View Premiere Episode
  • Level of Engagement (advocacy/recommendation, comment on social media, visit program website, etc.)
  • Qualitative impressions – Likes/Dislikes/Why?
  • Returning Shows – Additional Diagnostics


Tracking brands/products in any sector couldn’t be easier with the flexibility and reliability of DynaTrack Brand. We answer these questions, and more:

  • What is the Awareness of your brand among your target versus your competition?
  • How effective is your marketing at driving purchase interest/usage?
  • How engaged and loyal is your consumer base with your brand?
  • Are there opportunities for your brand extension?

Diagnostic Question Areas Include:

  • Levels and sources of awareness
  • Past and current brand/product/service experience
  • Consumer spending and purchase behavior
  • Future intent to use brand/product/service
  • Level of engagement (brand advocacy, comment on social media, visit brand website, etc.)
  • Qualitative impressions – Likes/Dislikes/ Why?/Top of Mind Associations
  • Advertising awareness and impressions
  • Changes in brand/product/service perceptions and imagery
  • Competitive landscape monitoring


Knowing the opinions and behaviors of your stakeholders is at your fingertips with DynaTrack Consumer. We answer these questions, and more:

  • Are there additional opportunities to leverage among your consumers?
  • What are the barriers from increasing your market share?
  • How can you solidify loyalty among your customer base?
  • How can successful strategies be deployed?

Diagnostic Question Areas Include:

  • Consumer experience with your brand, product or service
  • Consumer behavior, attitudes and opinions regarding your brand, product or service as well as competitors
  • Consumer loyalty levels and opportunities for enhancement
  • Consumer advocacy (via recommendation, discussion, social media, etc.)
  • Opportunities for Consumer Conversion
  • Dynamic consumer profiling allowing for more precise targeting
  • Deep consumer profiling (demographic, psychographic, attitudinal, behavioral, etc.)
  • Consumer Segmentation


Whether you are looking to get started with tracking or further streamline your tracking at a more competitive price point, E-Poll’s DynaTrack offers flexibility backed by a proven track record to satisfy your specific needs.


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