What Worked in Broadcast TV in 2017

With 2017 in the books, we used E-Score® Programs to look at this year’s new broadcast programs and find out what’s working.

  • NBC has four of the top five shows with the highest Rated Excellent score amongst new shows on our list, although ABC’s The Good Doctor holds the top spot with 63%, a good indicator that it will most likely be renewed for a new season soon.
  • Despite its low Awareness, NBC’s Marlon holds the second highest Rated Excellent score on the list (60%) and is one of the few comedies to be renewed.
  • As an indication that more variety is welcomed, no single trend jumped out. The renewed and rated-excellent shows include a variety of program types and genres including drama, comedy, spin-offs, reboots and original concepts. Click through our graphics to see rankings of the new shows by Awareness, Viewer Commitment and other Program Attributes.

Reboots Pay Off

From dramas to game shows, reboots of classic programs have proven to be a good bet. Below are  the year’s new broadcast reboots that have the highest Rated Excellent scores among viewers.

  • Will & Grace has made its return after a hiatus spanning over ten years and early signs point towards success. It is the reboot ranked highest in Rated Excellent (50%) with over half of viewers saying they Make a Special Effort to Watch (57%).
  • Game shows are among the most popular types of programs being remade. Love Connection and The Gong Show have both been renewed for new seasons and boast Rated Excellent scores of 32% and 26%, respectively.
  • Although no announcement has been made about a renewal, The X-Files builds a strong case for itself with a 45% Rated Excellent and one of the highest Looking Forward to Watch scores among new programs.

Ellen’s Funny Games

Renewed already for a second season, there’s no doubt that Ellen’s widespread likability played a crucial factor in Ellen’s Game of Games’ early success.

  • NBC’s Ellen’s Game of Games had over half of respondents (53%) rate the show Excellent making it the top Rated Excellent game show among new shows in 2017.
  • The program ranks highly among all new broadcast programs, ranking either first or second for the attributes Would Miss, Program Characters and Family Friendly.
  • Ellen DeGeneres and Ellen’s Game of Games share the same top attribute: Funny. Ellen’s Funny score of 64% nearly matches the show’s score of 67%.


Getting insight to viewer’s thoughts on new shows can be a valuable asset for any advertiser, network, or agency. E-Score Program is the perfect tool to track various types of programming across multiple platforms providing the information necessary to fully assess new and existing shows.


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