These Are America’s Favorite NFL Announcers

America’s Favorite NFL AnnouncersNFL-Broadcasters-1_2018_1_31_BLOG_A

Unlike the players, announcers don’t have to compete for the right to appear in the big game, but we surveyed NFL fans to find out their favorite NFL announcers and commentators. Here are the top five in several categories.



  • All of the broadcasters in the Lead Analysts/Color category are former football players or coaches, while the Play-by-Play broadcasters don’t share the same athletic background.
  • Play-by-Play analysts have the lowest Awareness (Avg. 11%) among Lead Analysts/ Color (Avg. 19%) and Studio Analysts (Avg. 22%). Several top Play-by-Play announcers did not meet our minimum Awareness threshold of 5%.
  • Al Michaels, who is on the Super Bowl broadcast team, is fifth in Appeal among Play-by-Play broadcasters. He has one of the highest Awareness scores (30%).

Former Football Coaches/Players Turned Broadcasters

Cris Collinsworth is both color commentator and lead analyst for NBC and a former NFL wide receiver. This is a common career path for many former athletes. Our data shows that some players and coaches who may not have been the most liked while they were on the field get a jump in Appeal when they enter the more neutral broadcast booth.


  • Although Kurt Warner holds the top Appeal spot, Terry Bradshaw has the highest E-Score (97) among both former coaches and players.
  • Bradshaw’s marketability is enhanced by his high scores for Funny (38%) and Down-to-Earth (26%), both of which are highest on this list. It also doesn’t hurt that he is on a popular TV reality show, and has been in recent movies such as Father Figures.
  • ESPN employs the most former coaches/players in the top ten most Appealing list which includes Jon Gruden, who will be going back to coaching after this season.

Tony Romo

Tony Romo has made a splash as a broadcaster for his detailed style and insider information. While playing, he was not as popular. Whether it was his lack of post-season success or leadership of the polarizing Dallas Cowboys, Romo had low Appeal and high Overexposed scores. In a pattern we’ve seen with other polarizing figures such as Rex Ryan and Randy Moss, entering the broadcast booth has led to a remarkable surge in his Appeal and overall marketability.


  • After joining the CBS Broadcast team, Tony Romo’s Appeal made a jump from 29% to 40%.
  • Romo also saw increases in his Talented (47%), Confident (26%), and Good Energy (22%) scores, all attributes he was able to utilize in broadcasting.
  • After making the career switch, Romo’s Over Exposed rating plummeted by half from 22% to 11%, helping boost his overall image and E-Score from 73 to 76 where it will probably continue to rise as he continues his new career.


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  1. Al Michael should not be a football announcer. He should stick to baseball which he is more knowledgeable.

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