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The Media Multiverse

With the help of custom research from E-Poll, our friends and partners at Mindshare North America have released a new report about the power of media multiverses and their impact on brands.


In this age of countless media outlets, the most successful franchises are those that take advantage of multiple channels and media to deliver their content.  Today’s stories no longer live in one format, and a successful series can sprout a prequel, an after-show, and even a pop-up restaurant. It is crucial for advertisers to understand this ever-growing marketplace and identify which franchises align best with their brands.

Media’s Most Successful Franchises

Mindshare NA evaluated 35 popular entertainment franchises across the U.S., based on custom research from E-Poll Market Research and other sources. The study measured the Awareness of these franchises along with desire to See More content from the franchise, as well as other key measures that give insight to audience Engagement and Brand Extendibility. The results can help brands identify the right environment to connect with their target consumers. Here are some highlights from the report:


  • In general, Awareness is higher for movie franchises than TV. Disney, Star Wars, and Harry Potter franchises have the highest awareness; more than three in four respondents have heard of each.
  • In the battle of best sci-fi franchise between Star Wars and Star Trek, the Star Wars franchise is the clear winner as it holds higher rankings across various metrics.
  • In TV specific franchises, Chopped ranked highest in Appeal but House Hunters scored highest in Familiarity.



To produce the report, Mindshare drew on the extensive resources of their North American network, including custom research from E-Poll. The results provided much of the data underlying the report, including the opinions of 1,337 consumers across the U.S., ranging in ages from 13 to 54. Respondents shared their opinions on 35 TV and movie franchises providing insights such as:

  • Awareness and Familiarity with the franchise
  • Viewing behaviors and Engagement activities with the franchise
  • Overall Fandom and Likeability
  • The desire to See More content from this franchise


Custom services include survey design, data analysis and reporting using advanced industry specific methodologies. In addition to traditional and online focus groups, E-Poll utilizes a deeply profiled, proprietary research panel which offers the ability to access highly targeted sample groups quickly and cost effectively.

To learn more about how custom research can provide invaluable insights, contact us. For a few examples of E-Poll’s recent custom projects, click here.


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