Kids’ and Adults’ Favorite Classic Holiday Characters


Classic Holiday Characters for Adults

In many households, viewing favorite holiday movies and TV specials is a tradition as warm and comforting as a mug of hot cocoa. This season, we look at some of the classic characters of the holidays and the top attributes that make them so appealing.



  • The top attributes for holiday characters among adults are Funny and Warm, together making up for 70% of all top attributes on the list.
  • Grinch is the only character with a negative attribute as his top attribute but his Appeal is still in the top ten amongst all holiday characters.
  • Adults and kids have different opinions on a character’s top attribute. Most adults find Santa Claus to be Warm, yet for kids his top attribute is Nice.

Top Kids’ Holiday Characters



  • The top attributes among kids vary from those of adults. A Good Friend is the top attribute in the top ten. Followed by Funny and Nice.
  • Arthur Christmas is in the top five of the Kids list yet he doesn’t crack the top ten amongst adults in terms of Appeal.
  • Buddy The Elf, portrayed by Will Farrell, has a higher Appeal among kids (80%) than among adults (66%).

Extendibility of Holiday Characters

With the strong appeal of these characters, and the power of nostalgia in the licensing market, we looked at the Extendibility prospects of the top holiday characters.

  • Roughly one-third of kids are “very interested” in Jack Skellington merchandise (toy, video game, or clothing), more than any other holiday character.
  • Kids have a high interest in Bumble the Abominable Snowman (in the top 5) as a toy and for clothing. Kids find him Funny, Cool, and A Good Friend as shown by his top attributes.
  • Buddy the Elf, who is Funny (79%), Friendly (62%) and A Good Friend (56%), ties Santa Claus for interest in a video game (27%).


Classic holiday characters continue to be cultural icons especially during the holiday season. E-Score Character can provide instant access to critical information such as Appeal and Extendibility for a variety of characters among different demographics.


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