Favorite Programs of Faith-Based Viewers

This Is Us - Season 1

Broadcast Faith-Based Favorites

We tracked the favorite celebrities of faith-based Americans as well as this group’s commercial impact in our “Faith in Fandom” blog post. Now, using E-Score Programs we examine the TV programs preferred by faith-based audiences.  First: the broadcast shows that faith-based audiences Make a Special Effort to Watch. Next, we cover cable programs this demo Would Miss a Lot, and don’t forget to check out our graphics below including different measures.

  • Fox has more shows in the top 10 (4) for Make a Special Effort to Watch, than other networks; as many as ABC and NBC put together.
  • 82% of faith-based viewers Make a Special Effort to Watch NBC’s sophomore hit This Is Us and almost three-quarters (73%) said if the show was gone, they would Miss A Lot. Not far behind is another sophomore program, Fox’s Star with 79% Make a Special Effort to Watch.
  • Dramas dominate the Make a Special Effort to Watch top 10 list. There are no comedies among the top twenty for this measure, and only two competitive reality (The Amazing Race and Big Brother).


Cable Faith-Based Favorites

Among cable shows, including premium networks like HBO and streaming services such as Netflix, here are the top programs faith-based Americans  Would Miss a Lot if no longer on the air.

  • Netflix leads the way with 3 shows (Sense8, Marvel’s The Defenders, House of Cards) that viewers would Miss A Lot (if the show was gone) in the top 10.
  • Only two shows (Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead) rank in the top 5 for all three key measures (Would Miss A Lot, Make a Special Effort to Watch, and One of My Favorites).
  • With the amount of viewing choices cable has to offer, no network has more than one show in the top 10 list for One of My Favorites.




  • One show that seems to resonate with faith-based audiences is Fox’s Star, at #2 on our list. Faith-based audiences Make a Special Effort to Watch (79%) the musical drama by 9 points more than their general population peers.
  • Faith-based audiences also Recommend (38%) the show more than the total population by 8%.
  • Some Viewer Comments by faith-based viewers include: “I love the struggle I see these girls go through to rise to the top and never giving up,” and “It tells a real story, something that people can relate to.”


Faith-Based Americans have proven to be very influential and targeting sub-groups such as these is an invaluable tool for agencies and brands. E-Score can provide instant access to critical information such as TV viewing preferences and behaviors of not only faith-based but other sub-groups and demographics.


Feel free to utilize these infographics in your social shares or other uses. To download, simply click the images and right-click, or pull the full sized images.


  1. Sad! The Church needs to wake up! Have we forgotten that Christ commands we are to be in the world but Not of the world. We need to spend more time in the Holy Bible and Less time in front of the tv. Jesus Christ changes us and the more we know HIM the more we desire the same things HE does. This poll is heartbreaking, no doubt we are breaking Father God’s heart!

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