How Agencies Use E-Score to Pitch New Clients


Critical Tools For Brand Strategy

Agencies must have easy access to key brand measures to successfully approach their strategy meetings. E-Score is the only tool developed that takes a deep dive into a brand’s consumer perception to provide the insight to understand strengths and weaknesses and guide brand strategy, media planning, and creative direction. E-Score data is continuously updated, providing timely information at the click of a button.

We’ve taken a closer look at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s (each within their regional markets) to see what their next agency should know.

  • While previous ads featured scantily clad models directly targeting young men, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s top attribute is Family Friendly, suggesting the campaign may have missed what the brand is most known for.
  • Recent Appeal scores improved over previous years for both Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s and are on par with regional competitor, Jack in the Box (47%), yet still trail giants McDonald’s and Burger King.
  • “Brand Connection” scores (Loyalty, Consideration, Willingness to Try New Products, Better Than Competitors, Would Recommend to Family/Friends) for Carl’s Jr. bounced back considerably from lows in 2015 – the year their racy Super Bowl ad drew controversy.

Best Viewing Environment 

Together, E-Score products Brand and Programs can help identify where Carl’s Jr.’s most valuable consumers are via what they watch on television.

  • Carl’s Jr.’s most avid fans are viewers of competitive reality shows. Among Carl’s Jr. customers, 38% who watch Competitive Reality shows say they like the burger chain a lot compared to 26% who watch Comedy programs.
  • Among broadcast networks, Carl’s Jr. customers have a slight preference for NBC, with 33% top-box appeal.
  • NBC competitive reality shows American Ninja Warrior and The Voice are good places to find Carl’s Jr. fans. In addition, both programs have high Typically Watch Live (84% and 70% respectively) and Family Friendly (65%, 58%) scores, which only further benefits their potential for advertising fit.

Creative Strategy Elements

E-Score products Character and Celebrity can provide useful insight to any creative teams. Carl’s Jr. recently introduced the character of Carl Hardee Sr. in an attempt to move in the direction of friendly character identification. E-Score data shows that strategy is having some success.Brandprofile_Chart3_NL

  • Carl Hardee Sr. Appeals to more than a third of respondents (37%) – 17 points above the widely recognized Ronald McDonald and on par with Jack from Jack in the Box. Very low Awareness at 7%, vs. 21% for Jack suggests the need for further investment in Carl Hardee, Sr.
  • Consumers are responding well to Carl Sr. as 18% Would Like to See More which is more than Jack (15%) from Jack in the Box, Annie (13%) from Popeyes, and Ronald McDonald (7%)
  • According to E-Score Celebrity, consumers perceive Charles Esten, the actor portraying Carl Hardee, Sr. as Charming, Confident, Handsome, and Interesting – great qualities for the brand patriarch.


E-Score is a cost effective and necessary tool for brand managers and agencies that can provide unique insights to help with branding, creative, and media strategies with just a few clicks of a button.


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