Influential Social Media Stars That Can Boost Your Campaign


Most Appealing Social Media Stars

Social media stars can boost a campaign by lending their influence among their supporters, but picking the right one can be a guessing game. Subscriber counts or video views can be inflated and in any case, don’t tell you what the source of appeal might be. E-Score Celebrity can help identify which internet celebrities are on the rise, and what it is about them that consumers find appealing. Whether you’re looking for humor, style, down-to-earth appeal, or even voice-over talent, you can find it on our list of the most appealing social media stars.


  • Funny is a top attribute among many of the leading stars and those who have it as their top attribute have already started working their way into television.
  • Markiplier ‘s top attributes are Kooky/Wacky (62) and Distinctive Voice (48) which lead him to voice one of the main characters in Cartoon Network’s web series, Villainous.
  • Zoella’s top attributes of Cute, Beautiful and Stylish make her a great choice as a beauty or fashion spokesperson.

Finding Rising Talent

Aside from their promotional skills, social media stars are also a great source of up-and-coming talent. To find the next big thing, we looked at the young social media stars (under age 30) who are considered most Talented.


  • Two names cross over between both lists; Liza Koshy and Lindsey Stirling are the top two internet celebrities – liked by almost 8 in 10 young adults. Both have effectively graduated into the mainstream.
  • Issa Rae has a winning combination of Funny (53), Beautiful (59), and Talented (55), which is on display in her own HBO series, Insecure.
  • All on our most Talented list are YouTube stars but most got their start with on the now-defunct Vine and transitioned to YouTube stardom.

A Rising Star: Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy is a perfect example of a rising star. As a popular YouTube personality with over 12.2MM subscribers (Nov 2017) and 14.3MM followers on Instagram, she became an obvious choice to be a correspondent on the reboot of MTV’s TRL. Here are some of her most notable attributes:


  • Koshy stars in the Hulu original series Freakish as Violet Adams
  • She scores the highest among the young social media stars in Good Energy and is in the top two in Funny, crucial qualities for a regular correspondent of a TV show.
  • Koshy scores a whopping 41% Awareness and 84% Appeal among the 13-17 year-old demographic.

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