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Digital viewing of TV content on an expanding number of mobile and online platforms is changing viewer behavior and preferences. Using E-Score Programs Broadcast, we looked into digital viewership of broadcast TV programs and found some interesting details.

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  • Broadcast TV’s top ten most-streamed shows are exclusively from two networks, the younger-skewing CW and Fox. In fact, CW has 4 of the top 5 most-streamed shows.
  • The top ten streamed shows have much higher Rated Excellent scores among streamers than among non-streamers, with an average boost of nearly 9 percentage points.
  • The most-streamed shows from the original three broadcasters are Taken (NBC) at #13, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) at #16, and CBS’s Criminal Minds at #18.

Online Viewer Engagement

Online platforms also provide an opportunity for fans to engage with shows more deeply than they can on traditional TV screens. This is especially important for new programs just building an audience.

Using E-Score Programs’ measures of Online Engagement (viewers who Went Online to Get More Show Info, Went Online While Watching, and Social Sharing) we found that digital viewers are much more engaged than non-digital viewers, even when they like the same shows.

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  • The top ten shows among digital entertainment viewers have more than double the average online engagement at 21% compared to 9% for non-digital viewers.
  • Three of last year’s new shows are among the top ten for online engagement with digital entertainment viewers: Star (22% online engagement), Superior Donuts (20%) and This Is Us (17%).
  • Half of the top ten shows for digital and non-digital viewers are in common: iZombie, The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, The Exorcist, This Is Us with higher engagement among digital than non-digital viewers.

Co-Viewing of Streaming Shows

In addition to tracking viewing platforms such as streaming services Netflix, Amazon, Roku, Apple TV, etc., E-Score Programs Broadcast also tracks Co-Viewing habits such as view alone, view with spouse/significant other, view with kids, or view with friends. While all of these shows are most-often  viewed alone, many also have considerable amounts of co-viewing.

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  • Among the most-streamed programs, two shows from the DC universe (The Flash, 22% and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, 18%) are highest for co-viewing with kids.
  • Two Fox shows, Prison Break (41%) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (36%) have the highest percentage of co-viewing with a spouse or significant other.
  • The CW’s Vampire/Werewolf drama The Originals, along with The 100 and iZombie are the programs most often watched alone among this group, with three quarters of viewers doing so solo.


With more and more viewing happening on online and mobile platforms, producers, advertisers and other members of the TV ecosystem need to understand how those viewers differ from traditional TV. E-Score Programs has all the data you need to make these critical decisions.

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