Captains Fantastic: America’s Favorite Captains


Source: Captain Morgan “Captain, Captain” Commercial

Captain Morgan has a history of edgy and entertaining TV ads that effectively portray the brand’s fun-loving image. The recent “Captain” campaign has reaffirmed the brand’s position, and got us wondering which captain characters would make an “all-star captains” commercial.

Most Appealing Captains.png

  • Captain America is also Captain Appeal. His score of 66% makes him the most Appealing captain, not surprising considering the success of the character in the Marvel film universe.
  • Jack Sparrow would be Captain Popular. His 54% Awareness is highest for the group. He is also the most Intriguing (31%) and the Funniest (66%).
  • While not as Funny as his TV Commercial counterpart Captain Obvious (58%), Captain Morgan is the more Appealing (40%) and Influential (17%) spokesperson with consumers saying, “[He] keeps my interest when I see the commercials,” and “I like that he’s spawned a trend of striking the Captain Morgan pose in ridiculous places.”

Captain to the Bridge

Star Trek has a long tradition of iconic captain characters. With the upcoming new series will that trend continue? We used E-Score Character to gauge how three of those iconic captains stack up against each other, and the rest of the captains.

Star Trek Captains.png

  • Captain Picard is the most Influential (40%), Sincere (43%) and Talented (37%) of all captains. One fan said, “Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s character is intelligent, approachable, in control, brave, intriguing and a leader. I like all of his character traits.”
  • Although he has the lowest awareness of the three, Captain Sisko is the most Appealing of the Star Trek captains, who occupy spots #5-7 on the Appeal He is also the most Intelligent (69%) of all the captains followed by Picard (66%) and Kirk (50%).
  • Captain Kirk is the most Attractive of the Star Trek captains (30%) and third most attractive overall. According to consumer comments, “Captain Kirk is probably my favorite Sci-Fi character[,] or at least one of the top 3. He’s dashing, [charismatic], sexy, and a rogue.”

Convincing Characters

With three spokescharacters (Captain Morgan, Captain Crunch, and Captain Obvious) on the list of top captains, we looked back at how selecting the right spokescharacter can spell success. Understanding the Appeal of spokescharacters in relation to the competition is vital for brands. With E-Score Character we were able to find America’s most Appealing spokescharacters.


  • Snoopy, this year’s most Appealing spokescharacter is also a free agent, having recently lost his position with Met Life. He is also top three for Would Like to See More (30%.)
  • Insurance companies have been successful at creating endearing spokescharacters as four of the top twenty are from insurance companies, led by Allstate Mayhem.
  • The Funny attribute is a staple of many spokescharacters on this list with the Sonic Guys (67%) leading the way.

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