Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Fame?



In a society that is always “tuned in,” being over-exposed presents an interesting dilemma for celebrities. On the one hand, there is the traditional sense that being over-exposed has a negative connotation and is bad for a celebrity’s career. On the other hand, with so many platforms and outlets for exposure, being over-exposed today can also be a good thing for a celebrity’s personal brand and their ability to influence millions of consumers.


The Most Over-Exposed Celebrities

Understanding the public’s perception of over-exposure to a celebrity is helpful to brands when deciding whom to choose for spokespersons or partners. Using E-Score Celebrity we found the most Over-Exposed celebrities.


Top 20 Over Exposed Celebrities


  • Kim Kardashian tops our list of Over-Exposed celebrities, but she’s not alone from the Kardashian tribe. In fact, 80% of the top 10 most Over-Exposed celebs come from, or are associated with the Kardashians.
  • With Lavar Ball’s face all over sports news, it is no wonder he appears on our Over-Exposed What is interesting is that his over-exposure has had a trickle-down effect onto his son Lonzo, who is the most Over-Exposed NBA player at 24% despite his calm demeanor and having never played an NBA game. By comparison, Lebron James’ Over-Exposed score is 19%.
  • Kim Kardashian and Lavar Ball represent the two ends of the Over-Exposed Lavar is on the end where over-exposure still has a negative effect, whereas Kim Kardashian has been able to capitalize on her over-exposure, launching successful ventures based on her celebrity.

Over Exposed by Category

Identifying the most Over-Exposed celebrities in general is helpful, but most brands are nuanced and target specific verticals. With E-Score Celebrity we were able to identify the most Over-exposed celebrities in several distinct categories.


By Category.png


  • TV Personality – Kim Kardashian 60%, Kris Jenner 50%, Khloe Kardashian 47%
  • Musician – Justin Bieber 47%, Kanye West 44%, Miley Cyrus 42%
  • Athlete – Johnny Manziel 48%, Colin Kaepernick 34%, Tiger Woods 32%
  • Politician – Anthony Weiner 31%, Rev. Al Sharpton 30%, Donald Trump 28%
  • Film Personality (Actor) –Angelina Jolie 23%, Jaden Smith 22%, Tom Cruise 21%
  • Internet Celebrity – Tila Tequila 27%, FouseyTube 25%, Bethany Mota 17%
  • Businessperson – LaVar Ball 44%, Ivanka Trump 20%, Hugh Hefner 19%

The Ball Effect

We looked more closely at how Lavar Ball’s over-exposure has affected his son Lonzo Ball and the Big Baller Brand using E-Score Celebrity.


Lonzo Ball and Lavar Ball Popularity


  • LaVar is an extremely controversial figure his Confident, Aggressive, and Rude scores are above average for a businessperson, and fans call him “annoying,” “delusional,” and a “nut job.”
  • Not only has Lavar soured opinions of himself and affected his son’s Over-Exposed rating, but he also affects fans’ overall view of Lonzo with one fan saying, “His father brings him down.”


Being over-exposed doesn’t always spell disaster for celebrities. Some are able to turn the exposure into a positive for their personal and affiliated brands. Using attributes and elements from E-Score Celebrity data helps brands determine if a celebrity’s over-exposure is good or bad.

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