An Appealing Proposal: The Bachelor Franchise


With the current season of The Bachelorette wrapped up, we looked at some of the drivers of success for the booming Bachelor/ette franchise, starting with the stars of the last five seasons of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise.

Appealing Bachelorettes

With a groundbreaking new lead on The Bachelorette making waves, we used E-Score Celebrity to analyze the past five Bachelorettes, and see how they compare based on several attributes.


  • Overall, the last five Bachelorettes are far more Appealing than the last five Bachelors, scoring an average Appeal of 58% compared to 39% for the Bachelors. In fact the women occupy the top four Appeal spots with only Kaitlyn Bristowe falling below the males with the second lowest Appeal
  • Although Kaitlyn Bristowe scores highest for the attributes Funny (36%) and Kooky/ Wacky (21%) and is the second most Attractive (40%) Bachelorette, she is also the most disliked with the highest Negative Appeal score at 13%. Additionally, she is considered the least Charming (6%), Classy (9%), and Trustworthy (3%).
  • Fans are taking to Rachel Lindsay, the most recent Bachelorette, as 96% expressed positive sentiments toward her. They find her more Dynamic, Warm, Talented, and Trustworthy than her counterparts calling her “impressive” and “hot, hot, hot.”


Comparing the Bachelors

With the next season of Bachelor in Paradise set to begin soon, and the speculation over who will be the Bachelor in 2018 in full swing, we used E-Score Celebrity to look back at the last five Bachelors, ranking them by Appeal.


  • Ben Higgins has the highest Appeal among Bachelors at 51%. He also leads for the attributes Approachable, Articulate, Charming, Compassionate, Good Energy, Handsome and more.
  • Led by Juan Pablo Galavis’ 31%, the Bachelors are considered far more Over-Exposed than the Bachelorettes with an average score of 16%, compared to just 7% for the ladies.
  • Juan Pablo Galavis is also the most disliked Bachelor, frequently described as “cocky” and “[a] jerk” in viewer comments. He has the lowest Appeal at 15%, and scores lowest for several attributes including Approachable, Charming, Classy, Compassionate, Good Energy, and more. He also scores more than three times higher than the next Bachelor for Insincere at 40%.


In Their Own Words: Viewer Comments on The Franchise

The Bachelor franchise has been able to withstand the test of time, and even produce a few spinoffs. Using E-Score Programs, we looked at viewer comments to go beyond ratings and attributes to get to the heart of what makes the franchise a success.

  • When asked what they liked about The Bachelor one long-time viewer said, “I’ve been watching since season [one] and enjoy the familiarity; [it’s] entertaining.” Another viewer said, “I love the drama and it takes me away from my own life for awhile [sic].”
  • One fan described The Bachelorette as a “guilty pleasure,” saying “I like watching other people’s drama, and I like seeing the relationships develop.”
  • Bachelor in Paradise is described as “dramatic and silly” by one fan, while another said, “It is so awesome. Real life drama, men [and] women carving each other up, break ups, drama, sex I mean it’s seriously great.”

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