The Hot List: Celebrity Beach Bodies



With summer officially in full swing, it is time to put that winter workout on display. In the spirit of the season, we looked at the Hottest celebrity bodies. With E-Score Celebrity we found the male and female celebrities, both popular and emerging, with the Hottest Summer Beach Bodies.

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Summer Ready Bodies

Having a hot body can enhance a celebrities Appeal. With the summer heating up we looked at E-Score Celebrity to see which celebrities have the hottest summer beach bodies.


Hot Bodies-Women.png


Hot Bodies-Men.png


  • The hot summer body list for women is dominated by professional athletes. In fact, over half of the top 20 are professional athletes, including several current and former Olympians.
  • The women’s group features only three actresses, Jennifer Lopez, Margot Robbie, and Sofia Vergara, whereas the men’s list is primarily actors.
  • The men’s hot body list features four athletes, and also includes a contingent of five superheroes ranging from Jason Momoa (Aquaman) to Chris Evans (Captain America.)


Hot Bodies, New Faces

Having a hot body can be an advantage for up and coming celebrities. Using E-Score Celebrity we found the hottest bodies for celebs 25 and under with low Awareness (<15%).


Hot Bodies-25 and Under.png


  • Of the twenty hot up and coming bodies, fourteen (70%) are athletes, eleven males and three women. However, Olympians Simone Manuel, Lilly King, and Missy Franklin are the most Appealing celebrities on the list.
  • Lia Marie Johnson (internet personality) and Tyler Posey (actor) are the only hot bodies that are not athletes or models to make the list.
  • Among the hot body celebs, Lia Marie Johnson’s Sexy score is highest, while Karlie Kloss is the most Attractive.


The Bodies of Baywatch

The Baywatch franchise was responsible for highlighting, and introducing hot bodies on TV for years. Now the franchise hits the big screen with several hot bodies in the lead roles. We used E-Score Celebrity to see how the stars of Baywatch stack up on our Hot lists.


Baywatch Celebrities.png


  • Both Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron make the list of top 20 male bodies; The Rock is #3 and Efron is #17.
  • Priyanka Chopra is a star on the rise for more than just her hot body, she has a 68 Hot Body score. The Baywatch villain, and Quantico star, has seen her Awareness double, and her Appeal increase 18 points since her first fielding in 2015.



E-Score Celebrity gives you the power to customize our data to meet your specific needs. By combining attributes you can get a better picture of the situation and make the most informed decision.

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  • The Hot Body score is a combination of E-Score Celebrity attributes Physically Fit and Sexy.
  • All celebrity data fielded among respondents ages 18+.
  • Celebrities on the 25 and under list were 25 or younger as of 6/1/17. All have an Awareness <15%.


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