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As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of E-Poll, we keep one eye on the past, and the other on the next twenty years of innovative, client-centric research.

Our past is marked with innovation, and so too will our future with products like ADvance™ and our custom streaming studies. With the growing number of advertising platforms and avenues, media measurement is more complex than ever and advertisers need to understand how audiences on specific platforms react to their messages. ADvance is the ad effectiveness solution designed for the needs of brands navigating the sensitivities of today’s, and future customers. The next twenty years will see E-Poll helping prevent brand marketing blunders as ADvance becomes the industry standard in ad effectiveness testing.

With consumers turning increasingly to streaming as their source of media consumption, E-Poll has already staked out a leadership position for research into this dynamic field. Our quarterly studies have charted the winning and losing programs, platforms and strategies in the streaming world, and established the norms against which future efforts will be judged by producers and advertisers alike.

Segmenting then and now

From transitioning all data online to adding additional products to meet client verticals, E-Poll has always sought to stay ahead of trends in research. Our next twenty years will be built on the backs of our detail-oriented custom research, and our innovative research products.

We have already begun the process of gearing up for the future with enhancements to our audience segmenting capabilities. While all products have been upgraded, we used E-Score Brand to illustrate the dynamic direction our products have taken, and where our company is heading.

  • In 2006, E-Score Brand’s innovative loyalty metrics showed that 35% of 18-34 year olds exhibited very strong Brand Loyalty to Nike. Today clients can identify even more profitable opportunities, such as the fact that 42% of 18-34 year olds interested in Health and Fitness have very strong Brand Loyalty for Nike.
  • Ford Motor Company in 2006 was able to see if they should advertise to 18-34 year olds by looking at their attributes and brand perceptions. Today Ford is able to go even deeper and see how audiences who watch media on mobile devices perceive the brand, influencing their mobile marketing tactics.
  • Our goal for the next two decades is to make turnkey, normative research feel as if it was custom designed for each client.

Top brands then and now

E-Poll has been collecting normative, comparable data on brands and the entertainment industry for years. With over a decade of brand research, we looked at how brands stack up against other brands within their verticals, and against their own past data.

  • In 2003, Mercedes Benz and BMW were separated by only one percentage point for the Luxurious attribute. Today Mercedes enjoys a ten point lead over BMW in the same category.
  • Fast food brands have taken major hits for the brand element One of My Favorites with the introduction and proliferation of healthy “fast casual” restaurant brands.

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