E-Poll: 20 Years of Client-Centered Development


Since Gerry Philpott founded E-Poll in 1997 the company has been obsessed with one thing, providing the most accurate entertainment research in the most innovative ways. Twenty years later we still approach research the same way.

Innovation is hard wired into the fabric of E-Poll. As the first community-based site for users to share their opinions, we pioneered online research with our original online system for delivering client research, The Edge. Our current system MediaSYNC, introduced in 2009, is a groundbreaking fully interactive online database for our unique E-Score products.

With the launch of E-Score Celebrity, we introduced the first online celebrity evaluation tool. Since then our products have grown to include our brand research database as well as products focusing on television programs, characters, and musicians. Our customers have come to rely on our products as well as our custom research.

“As a long-time client of E-Poll, I have come to rely heavily on E-Score for potential talent evaluation. Every one of the dozens of custom studies we have done with them have come with tremendous research and general customer support from their terrific team.  They have been there since the beginning of online polling and have evolved and matured into an invaluable partner.” – Jeff Dellin SVP Market Research | NBC Entertainment Group


The Celebrity Evolution

Over the past twenty years, E-Poll has tracked and studied many aspects of entertainment and celebrity. Our revolutionary product, E-Score Celebrity, has become the industry benchmark for measuring celebrities, and has been used to track emerging and established celebs since 2003. During that time, we have noticed major changes to what constitutes a celebrity and what makes celebrities appealing to consumers.


Top Celebrities Over Time.png


  • Of the celebs to make the 2003 list, only three were able to maintain their strong Appeal ratings among 18-34 year olds today; Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, and Morgan Freeman.
  • Premium cable and Reality TV stars have replaced many traditional celebrities as most Appealing.
  • Since the end of 2003 our celebrity database has grown almost 1200%, with over 9,400 celebrities measured.


Celebs Among Ethnic Groups

Innovation, granularity of data, access to hard-to-reach sample, and concise research standards are reasons our clients have trusted our research for two decades. Using E-Score Celebrity’s current and historical data, we determined the most Appealing celebrities of 2003 among various ethnic groups, and compared them to celebrities from today.






  • In 2003 Tom Hanks was the only celebrity in common among Asians, Latinos, and African-Americans when looking at Appeal. Today, Michelle Obama and Denzel Washington occupy that title.
  • Today, with an influx of new talent since 2003, the celebrities that make the top Appeal lists by ethnicities are more Appealing but have less Awareness on average.
  • Comedians had heavy Appeal in the early 2000s while all three ethnicities find dramatic actors most Appealing today.


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