E-Poll: Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation in Research



As we celebrate the founding of E-Poll Market Research 20 years ago today, we want to thank our clients and development partners for helping shape and support the vision we had for innovative market research.

“In 1997, I saw an opportunity to use the power of emerging media to reach consumers and capture their attitudes and opinions in a more relevant, efficient, and cost effective way,” says Gerry Philpott, Founder/President & CEO.  “Back then, only phone and in-person interviews were options, so we created an entirely new system gathering intelligence using the Internet and mobile technologies, changing the course of market research as we know it.”

So you, our clients, have been the driving force behind our 20 years of success. Whether pioneering many of today’s accepted panel recruiting and incentive based programs, or establishing the first online portal (MediaSYNC) to view normative research, we have always looked to the needs and desires of our clients to lead our innovation.

From day one we worked with key development partners at the networks and studios to create products and services which went beyond traditional data gathering. We knew research needed depth, insight and speed and our custom services and E-Score products came to life in this collaborative process.

As an example, E-Score was the first research product with the following:

  • Updated scores EVERY WEEK of the year – not just twice a year.
  • Not just a simple awareness/appeal score, but In-depth intelligence including attributes, consumer comments and “the why” consumers like or dislike them
  • Data delivered through a convenient and intuitive online interface.
  • A proprietary online panel that allowed tracking and follow up interviews.



E-Poll Milestones

Founded in 1997, E-Poll has a long list of industry achievements.

  • First online research company to serve the entertainment industry
  • First company to offer members points for taking surveys.
  • First online video research with our own proprietary CD-ROM technology optimized for 56K modems!
  • Launched E-Score Celebrity in 2001, now industry standard for celebrity evaluation.
  • Set standards for digital product placement used by media agencies and programmers alike.
  • Established the relative value of HD vs SD programming for advertisers
  • Setting the pace again in 2017 with our research on new streaming programs and platforms, and our newest service: ADvance ad effectiveness testing across a suite of advanced delivery systems.


Thank you to our valued clients and friends that have helped us reach this amazing milestone. We are proud to have served, and continue to serve your research needs.

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