New Broadcast Shows Generating Passionate Fans


The Passionate Fan Index (PFI) helps TV programmers go beyond ratings to understand WHY viewers watch a program. The PFI is a unique formula combining 12 of E-Score’s proprietary attributes into a comprehensive measurement of the engagement and emotional connection fans have with a show. This enables programmers and advertisers to find upstart shows that are poised for success.


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We applied the PFI to broadcast shows that premiered this season to get a read on which shows have the most potential for success.




  • This Is Us is the number one show on the Broadcast PFI for new shows, but it has also nearly doubled its Awareness since premiering, the largest gains by any new show.
  • Overall, eight shows increased their PFI scores since their premiere, led by a 25-point increase from The Good Place. Five of these are already confirmed for renewal.
  • Five shows decreased their PFI scores since premiering. However, there is still hope for McGyver, Bull, and Kevin Can Wait as each has been picked up for another season by CBS.


Focus on This Is Us

NBC’s This is Us is the current darling of broadcast television. We used E-Score Programs – Broadcast to uncover why the show is doing so well among viewers.




  • This Is Us is the only show to bridge all demographics in a divided America, making the list of favorite shows for rural residents, urban residents, Liberals, Conservatives, Millennials, and Generation X.
  • When asked what they liked about the program, one viewer responded “Everything! The storylines are brilliant! I can relate with every episode. Best TV I have seen in my 39 years of life!”
  • This Is Us has a 78% Excellent score for Overall Program Rating, with more than two-thirds of those aware of the show saying they Look Forward to Watching the show.


This Is A Trend

A key element of the Passionate Fan Index is the metric Would Miss a Lot (if a show went off the air.) This metric in E-Score Programs helps users determine strength of fandom/ commitment to a show.




  • Although This is Us only premiered in September, it is already the number one program among all broadcast shows that viewers would miss most if it were no longer on the air.
  • The program has shown a steady increase in the Would Miss a Lot metric since its premiere, increasing eighteen percent since September to 77% of viewers agreeing most recently.



Whether gauging new programs or established shows, E-Poll’s proprietary PFI is a comprehensive rating of engagement and emotional connection, which helps brands and program buyers understand WHY viewers are engaged with a show. The multiple data points involved in calculating the PFI give a full picture that ratings alone cannot provide.

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Data source: E-Score Programs – Broadcast. List includes only broadcast cable shows in their first season. Fielded among respondents 13-54. The Passionate Fan Index takes into account twelve unique program elements and attributes.



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