How to Pair the Right Celebrities and Brands

Pairing the right Celebrity with the right Brand can deliver a potent marketing and creative campaign based on awareness, appeal and complementary attributes. Identifying which celebrities are right for specific campaigns can be difficult, and offer many downsides if the wrong match is created. With the combination of E-Score Brand and E-Score Celebrity, we make it easy to understand the synergy between your brand and current or potential spokespeople.

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Lincoln Motors and McConaughey

Lincoln tapping Matthew McConaughey was a good choice by the automaker. Using E-Score products we looked at what makes the collaboration between McConaughey and the brand work.


  • With improved styling and design, Lincoln has constructed a sexier brand image since its revamp in 2014. Matthew McConaughey is the perfect spokesperson for the new brand image with a Sexy score that is double the celebrity average (11%) and almost quadruple the 6% average for male celebs.
  • Lincoln and McConaughey found additional synergy as McConaughey has an above average Classy score, which pairs well with Lincoln’s Luxurious rating (37%) being well above the 18% automaker average.
  • McConaughey’s Distinctive Voice (40%) and Unique (20%) scores aid in areas where Lincoln can improve, as Lincoln scores average to below average for the brand attributes Distinctive (13%) and Unique (8%), respectively.

Revlon & Safety in Numbers

Sometimes having one celebrity spokesperson is not enough. When a company has multiple product verticals it is vital to understand how to reach each segment. Combining E-Score Celebrity with E-Score Brand, we looked at how several of Revlon’s recent spokespeople complemented the brand.


  • When looking to increase the perception of quality for its products, Revlon can turn to Halle Berry or Olivia Wilde as endorsers. Revlon currently scores below the cosmetic category’s 34% average for High-Quality. Utilizing Berry or Wilde can enhance the perception of quality, as both score above the celebrity average for Glamorous and Classy.
  • While the company is not considered particularly fun, scoring seven points under the cosmetics category’s 15% Fun average, they do have a celebrity that can help change that perception. Emma Stone’s 36% Funny and 34% Good Energy scores are well above the celebrity average for each.
  • In recent years, Revlon has trended down in the Sexy and Trend-Setter To that end, Halle Berry, Olivia Wilde, and Emma Stone are helpful in counteracting, as all three are well above average for the Stylish and Sexy attributes.

Adding Celebrity Appeal to Alcohol Brands

The right celebrity spokesperson can do wonders for revitalizing or launching a brand. According to E-Score products, Jim Beam and Cîroc chose wisely by collaborating with Mila Kunis and Sean Combs respectively.


  • Jim Beam sought out Mila Kunis, and her 71% Appeal among people 21+, in an effort to upgrade their below average Appeal for alcohol companies. She can be especially helpful attracting millennials to the brand, as she has a 79% Appeal among the group.


  • Sean “Diddy” Combs brought over 25 years of experience in the music industry, and over 50% Awareness, to Cîroc as both a spokesperson and owner. This popularity and experience has helped Cîroc achieve 64% Brand Loyalty, which is tops in the alcohol category (min. Awareness greater than 5%).


Combining E-Score Celebrity with E-Score Brand allows brands to find a celebrity partner whose image and attributes will enhance the brand, as well as to gauge the potential success of a spokesperson before committing to the campaign.

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Data source: E-Score Brand and E-Score Celebrity for all data. Alcohol data fielded among respondents ages 21+.

Image: Lincoln Motor Company


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