Faith in Fandom


Faith-based Americans have flexed their muscles as consumers and as a political force. Faith-based voters had a strong influence in the 2016 election, and have been the driving force behind the box office success of several recent films, most recently The Shack. Brands and agencies are listening as they are attempting to identify and utilize talent that resonates with this audience. Many in Hollywood are also listening as the race is on to create new programming aimed at these faith-based viewers.

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As the impact of faith-based consumers increases, it is imperative that agencies and studios understand which celebrities to utilize in campaigns, as they increasingly target this audience. Using E-Score Celebrity we uncovered the most Appealing celebrities among faith-based audiences.


One entertainment franchise that understands how to Appeal to faith-based audiences is the Fast and Furious. With three actors making the faith-based top twenty list (Tyrese Gibson #2, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson #4, and Jason Statham #13), The Fate of the Furious AKA Fast 8, one of the most anticipated movies of the spring, should do well among moviegoers who frequent religious services. Add this to an Easter opening weekend, and this movie has the makings of a blockbuster.

Katie Ledecky

Faith and patriotism are intertwined for many consumers, evidenced by US Olympians comprising 20% of the faith-based top twenty Appeal list. Five-time Olympic swimming gold medalist Katie Ledecky leads the way at #7; joined by gymnasts Simone Biles (#12), Aly Raisman (#14) and Laurie Hernandez (#17.)

While the Olympians provide a patriotic flavor to the faith-based Appeal list, it is dominated by TV and film personalities. Although the majority of these personalities are actors and actresses, the list is topped by Chip Gaines, co-host of Fixer Upper on HGTV. He and his wife Joanna (#8) both make the top ten for Appeal among faith-based audiences due to their positive family dynamic. One faith-based viewer said of the show, “I like Chip and Joanna[.] [T]hey are very personable and focused on their family.”


Targeted sub-groups like faith-based consumers can provide a powerful channel for reaching an audience. In order to better identify and understand these groups, agencies and brands need the right tools.  Whether it is finding celebrities who appeal to a target audience, or identifying the TV viewing preferences and behaviors of faith-based and other segments, E-Score has you covered.

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Lists were created using E-Score Celebrity data fielded after January 1, 2016 among respondents over the age of 13 who describe themselves as “attending regular services for my faith.”


Faith-Based Celebrities

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