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As advertisers and digital publishers gather for the upcoming NewFront presentations in New York, the explosion of new platforms, advertising formats and content has made it hard to understand the best placement for your advertising dollars. E-Score has the tools to help assess the fit between brands and digital content platforms, content and even creators.

Entertaining Your Ad Dollars

We used E-Score Brand to examine some notable digital content platforms, and assess which ones are most Entertaining. These brands are able to keep their audience’s attention longest, meaning a greater opportunity for advertisers.


Twitch is an emerging platform to watch. Long known for its streams of video games from top gamers, the platform is now branching out into personality-based shows with Twitch IRL focusing on the behind-the-scenes lives of popular gamers. Twitch is one of the most Entertaining (37%) and Fun (22%) platforms, causing users to stick around longer. Its users watch more minutes of video per month than YouTube making it a prime option for agencies and brands looking to reach its core audience.

Taking advantage of its massive reach and daily use, Facebook (39% Entertaining) is quickly becoming a hotbed for platform specific programming. Having the highest Awareness, and the length of time users spend on the site, aids one of the most robust ad platforms available. Media companies have begun creating content specifically for Facebook Live to capitalize further.

With the difficulties getting users to sign up for YouTube Red, advertisers are still able to take advantage of the significant time user’s spend on YouTube, the most Entertaining (57%) digital platform. YouTube also has significant advantages over its rivals in perception as Fun (40%) and Informative (36%). Fans describe YouTube as a “Funhaus” with, “Lots of both useful stuff and silly/stupid stuff to watch.”

Content Drives Dollars

In addition to content platforms, many new digital content brands are also sprouting up, targeting viewers who look to the internet as a primary source of entertainment. Being able to generate interest in upcoming shows/ projects is key to the success of digital entertainment brands. Using E-Score Brand, we uncovered some digital brands that consumers are eager to consume new content from.


Super Deluxe is one of the brands creating Facebook Live-specific content. In their own words, Super Deluxe “talks to a generation of insatiably curious viewers who grew up clutching smartphones.” The Turner Media subsidiary is the digital entertainment brand consumers most want to see new content from, and is also considered Cool (30%) and Unique (27%).

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Vice is quickly establishing itself as a major player in digital entertainment. With its TV channel, website, and social channels, Vice’s content is ideal for advertisers looking to attract informed youths. It is “News and content for millennials,” as one user describes it.

Lackluster reception for some high profile signings, such as Katie Couric, has not deterred Yahoo! from the digital content creation game. A third of those aware of the brand said they would try the brand’s new offerings. Yahoo! is also considered Informative (30%) and Reliable (22%), but some consumers describe it as Out-of-Date (15%).

Going Deep on BuzzFeed

Although Buzzfeed has been under attack for its attempts to do real journalism, the site remains one of the most highly visited websites, making it a prime target for reaching its core 18-34 year old audience. We used E-Score Brand to discover what aids Buzzfeed’s potential advertising attraction.

  • Buzzfeed’s major claim to advertising dollars is its ability to generate entertaining content that keeps audiences on the site. Its Entertaining score is nearly double the Website category average.
  • The website provides advertisers with an eclectic audience looking for a range of entertainment options. When asked what comes to mind first when thinking about the brand, one consumer answered, “News, stories and tests that tomorrow will be trend[ing] in social networks[.]” Additional consumer comments describe Buzzfeed as having “Click-bait, but usually short and to-the-point articles” and a “Diverse range of stuff. From fun news to entertainment.”
  • Despite ranking near the bottom of E-Poll’s recent Credibility rankings for news providers, regardless of political affiliation, Buzzfeed has over 200 million monthly users and enjoys a 50% Brand Loyalty
  • Buzzfeed’s Awareness is noticeably higher among 18-24 year-olds (61%) than it is among their older peers age 25-34 (42%), and is also stronger among women (57%) vs men (37%).


While there are plenty of options for allocating your digital advertising dollars, knowing which avenues can be most effective is critical. Likewise, it is important to know which brands creating content are most in demand. With its mix of brand connections, attributes, and consumer comments, E-Score Brand helps agencies and brands understand consumer behaviors and sentiments surrounding potential advertising platforms and content creators.

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Lists were created using E-Score Brand data fielded after January 1, 2016 among respondents over the age of 13.


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