The Celebrities Setting the Next Wave of Style

Around this time of year, the business of fashion takes center stage. From various award shows to industry trade shows like Magic and Agenda, it’s all about setting – and selling – the fashion trends of the future. And while designers make the trends, in many cases it is celebrities who launch those trends into the marketplace. To that effect, it can be an important marketing tool to be associated with celebrities considered fashion-forward. E-Score Celebrity helps you understand who those celebrities are. We combined our unique attributes Stylish and Trend-Setter to get a better understanding of which celebrities are most influential among self-proclaimed fashionistas, a group of American consumers who consider themselves knowledgeable about fashion.

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Keeping Up With the Jenner

It’s no surprise that one of the Kardashian clan heads up our list of celebrities with Trend-Setting Style. However, what is surprising is Kendall is not any of the three most popular Kardashians. In fact, among fashionistas, Trend-Setting Style lies with the less popular Kardashians, with Kendall (87) and Kourtney (67) making the top ten. None of the other Kardashian/ Jenners crack the top 50 for the attribute combo.

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Fashionable Artists

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Among self-proclaimed fashionistas, musicians drive trends and style. Four of the top five, and six of the top ten celebrities on the list are musicians. Of those, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Demi Lovato have their own clothing lines, while Rihanna has collaborations with several major fashion brands. By comparison, only two fashion-related celebrities make the top twenty, the aforementioned Kendall Jenner (#1) and Chrissy Teigen (#14.)

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Of the musicians to make the list, possibly the most interesting is Solange Knowles. Her re-emergence last year helped her break out of her sister Beyoncé’s shadow. Not only has her break out been noticed musically, gaining a Grammy nomination this year, but she has also been recognized for her sense of style, evidenced by her ranking second on the Trend-Setting Style list.

Other notable entries on the list include Jennier Lopez and Pharrell Williams, prominent fashion icons in their own rights. Another unexpected celebrity to make the list was Kevin Hart. His ability to be personal, informative, and funny has led to success for his recent athleisurewear collaboration with Nike.

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With the hundreds of fashion brands entering the market everyday it is important to have a competitive advantage. Whether that is partnering with a celebrity with Trend-Setting Style, or just looking for a celeb that is Stylish or a Trend-Setter to wear your brand, E-Score Celebrity helps you unlock that advantage. Our unique attributes and demographic filtering help you find out which celebrities line up best with your target audience and campaign needs.

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We filtered E-Score Celebrity data among survey takers who strongly identify with being current with styles and fashion, referred to above as fashionistas.


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