Oh Snap! Snapchat and the Snap Inc. IPO

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The upcoming Snap Inc. IPO is on the minds of many. Some are wondering about the company’s valuation being the most expensive ever, while others are wondering if Snap, and its subsidiary app Snapchat, will be able to sustain and expand its success.

The Insta-Generation Snaps

One audience that is crucial to the success of Snapchat is the Insta-Generation, so called because they were born in the internet age with instant access to information. This group is comprised of post-Millennials; people nineteen years-old and younger. To understand what makes the Insta-Generation vital to the success of Snapchat, and therefore Snap Inc., we used E-Score Brand to look at how 13-19 year-olds viewed the app.

Overall, Snapchat is the primary social

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outlet for the Insta-Generation. It has a 64% monthly usage rate and 76% Brand Loyalty among this group, with 59% describing themselves as Very Loyal.

This loyalty has helped Snapchat grow aggressively, as the Insta-Generation have been great ambassadors for the brand, with 66% recommending the app to their friends and family. One person from this group commented about the app, “It is a fun way to communicate with good friends[,] and it is just a fun [experience] for people..”


More Than Disappearing Pictures

Snap Inc. is looking to become more than just a “fun way to communicate.” They have already branched off into ancillary verticals by introducing Spectacles, the company’s

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camera-glasses released last year. Their efforts may go over well with the Insta-Generation, as 61% say they Would Try New Products/ Services from the company. This may help in the future as some believe Snap Inc. will evolve past a social network and, as it calls itself in the IPO, “a camera company,” into a full-blown media company.


Snapchat’s announcement of an IPO estimated to value the company between $20 and $25 billion dollars highlights the rising economic power of an emerging generation of consumers: the cohort of teens following Millennials. Born after 1997, E-Poll refers to them as the Insta-Generation and they will have major effects on all parts of the economy moving forward.

To help our clients understand and prepare for this coming wave, E-Poll is launching a four-part study  exploring the lifestyles, attitudes and consumption of the four critical generations and the unique features within each one.

The Generational Divide:  Understanding Lifestyle and Media Preferences

  • Part 1 – The Insta-Generation – Capturing their attention in a 24-hour world.
  • Part 2 – Millennials – Transferring technology dependence to independence.
  • Part 3 – Gen X – Transitioning from Middle Finger to Middle Age.
  • Part 4 – Boomers – These aren’t your parent’s retirees.

Launching in 2017, this study will expand on the traditional generational data to include key drivers of attitudes and trends that drive  consumer behavior.

For more information about the Generational Divide study, or to get a better understanding of how E-Score Brand can unlock your brand story, please contact Michelle Waxman, SVP, Corporate Development.

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  1. […] Lists were created using data from E-Score Music data fielded after 1/1/16 among respondents ages 13-34. Lists do not include deceased artists. Respondents ages 26-34 represent older millennials. Respondents ages 20-25 represent younger millennials. Respondents ages 13-19 represent Insta-gens, or the Insta-generation. The Insta-generation includes people 19 and younger who grew up with constant access to technology. […]

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