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Investment in digital video has exploded, according to the IAB, and that means more platforms and programs clamoring for advertisers’ attention at the upcoming NewFront presentations. With this influx of quality streaming programming, finding the right media partner has become more crucial. One of the most critical elements of success for digital shows is their ability to create word-of-mouth. We used the program element Talked About Show from E-Score Programs to get a better understanding of which streaming original shows (on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime) generate the most conversations, and how those conversations stack up against broadcast and cable shows (non-streaming.)


Conversation Starters

The average streaming original show has a Talked About Show score of 38%. This average is higher than both broadcast and cable shows, at 29% and 31% respectively. In fact, sixteen of the top twenty most talked about digital shows score above the broadcast and cable averages, with nine of the top 10 scoring above the streaming average. Viewer conversations are driving interest in these streaming originals as one viewer said of Stranger Things, the most talked about streaming original, “It is simply my kind of show. I used on demand and Netflix to catch up on these show[s] that my daughter says I need to see.”

Word-of-Mouth is More Than Popularity

When looking for digital shows that create word-of-mouth, it is not enough just to look for the most popular shows.  Programs like The Man in the High Castle and The Get Down have low awareness (11% each) but high Talked About Show ratings. Indeed, three of the top four digital programs, and seven of the top 20 have an Awareness less than 20%. Of those shows falling below 20% Awareness, each has a Talked About Show score well above the streaming average. Additionally, over 55% of each show’s viewers find the Idea for the Program to be Excellent, led by 11.22.63 and The Man in the High Castle’s 85% and 84% Excellent scores respectively.

Streaming Great Ideas

The program ideas of streaming originals are driving these conversations, and viewing. Overall, people enjoy the premises of these shows more than those of broadcast or cable shows. On average, 54% of viewers rate the show ideas for streaming original programs as Excellent, compared to 46% for broadcast and cable (non-streaming). With fewer constraints on streaming channels, creators have more leeway with concepts. Hence why a show with a “dangerous” and eerie concept, like The Man in the High Castle, is able to find success on Amazon Prime versus broadcast or cable channels.


With the rise of streaming shows, understanding what separates them from broadcast and cable shows is essential for NewFront buys. E-Score Programs helps you uncover what motivates viewers to consume different programs, and which program elements and attributes make for successful shows.


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