Season’s Bingeing: The Shows You Should Be Watching



Vacations and new TVs and streaming devices create an opportunity for many consumers to catch up on missed programming. With an abundance of programs to choose from, which shows are worth binge viewing during this holiday slow-down? Using E-Score Programs we asked TV Influentials, people who influence others to check-out TV programs, which shows they are recommending. Here are 25 shows you should be binge watching over the holidays.




The Place to Binge

Netflix is the number one source when it comes to binge watching shows. Not only do they facilitate bingeing traditional network shows like Arrow and How to Get Away With Murder, but their library of original shows is binge-worthy as well. In fact, three of the top five recommended shows for bingeing are Netflix originals, and six of the top ten can be found on Netflix.


Things Are Getting Strange

The hit show Stranger Things is by far the most recommended show for bingeing. Its 64% Recommended Show score is more than a third higher than the next closest show. Of TV Influentials aware of the show, 91% describe themselves as a Current Viewer, with 90% saying they Make a Special Effort to Watch. With high scores for the program elements Program Characters Excellent and Program Storylines Excellent, 83% and 81% respectively, Stranger Things should be at the top of your holiday bingeing list.


Robot Overload

One of the hottest shows of the year, Mr. Robot is also one of the most recommended programs for binge watching. Viewer comments praise the show saying, “Its production and scripts are excellent, and the performances are the best.” While the show has been racking up viewer acclaim, awards, and nominations, it has not been racking up streaming homes, as it’s not available on Netflix and Hulu. This doesn’t appear as if it will be an issue as 74% of TV Influentials say they Make a Special Effort to Watch. Thankfully for fans, USA Network is handling the heavy lifting with a dedicated microsite where you can stream full episodes of the show and catch up on all things Mr. Robot. The show is also available to stream on Amazon Prime.



Time off from work or school, and the influx of family make the holiday season the perfect time for bingeing shows. Our ability to pinpoint specific target audiences, like TV Influentials, makes E-Score Programs the perfect tool to figure out what viewers will be bingeing this season, or to create your own holiday lists.



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