Halloween Frights: Creepy Celebrities, Scary Monsters and Cool Costumes

From Creepy people to Scary characters to Cool costumes, Halloween is a night adults and kids alike celebrate all things weird, eerie, and frightening.

Who Are You Calling Creepy?

Using E-Score Celebrity, we unmasked which celebrities are the creepiest.


Taking the top spot, Anthony Weiner’s Creepy score is over 23 percentage points higher than the next celebrity. His 63% Creepy score is the second-highest ever recorded, behind only Marilyn Manson’s 77% in 2006. Weiner is also one of the most disliked celebs, as evidenced by his 86% negative Appeal score (Dislike + Dislike A Lot.). Consumer comments describe Weiner as, “self-destructive,” “weird and disturbing.”

E-Score has been tracking America’s creepy celebrities since 2001, and several celebrities are now regulars on this list, with Ozzy Osbourne and Howard Stern dating back to E-Score’s early lists. Woody Allen has been a regular since 2011.

Frightening Figures

We looked at over 4500 characters in E-Score Character the only product that measures key descriptive attributes that reveal what drives character Appeal, and found the scariest characters from film and TV.


The list is largely dominated by classic characters respondents indicate are Scary, from our list of over 35 attributes in E-Score Character. In fact, 70% of the top 10 list are characters that debuted on big screens prior to 1991.

The scariest character on our list, Pennywise the Clown, is coming back to the big screen in a 2017 remake of Stephen King’s It. Intent is key as Pennywise tops the list for Very Interested in a Movie, and has the highest Appeal of any character on the list.

Movie characters dominate but are not the only characters on the Scary list. The Demogorgon, from Stranger Things on Netflix, is the sole TV character on the list. The monster is a combination of attributes Aggressive and Evil, as it comes in second for both attributes to Leatherface and Pinhead, respectively.

What to Wear: Top Kid’s Halloween Costumes

To find out what’s most in demand among kids we used E-Score Character – Kids to discover which characters 6-12 year-olds might want to be for Halloween this year.


Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad tops our list of characters kids are most interested in. They describe her as Cool (50%), Funny (36%) and Different (38%), with 94% expressing positive sentiments toward her. When asked what they like about Quinn, one responded, “She’s hilarious and just awesome. I’m going to be her for Halloween.”

Like Quinn, more than half the list are super heroes or villains. Only Steve from Minecraft, Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy’s, and Baby Dory of Finding Dory are not associated with super heroes.

While she rounds out the list of desirable costume characters, Baby Dory is the most appealing character with a Like A Lot score of 65%. This is sure to be the cutest costume as Baby Dory again tops all characters on the list for the Cute attribute.


E-Score products are the only resources in the marketplace that clearly define what is driving the value of celebrities, brands, and characters measured. Additionally, measuring attributes like Appeal, and measures of Extendibility like Very Interested In A Movie or Very Interested in Clothing can help you identify opportunities in a variety of marketing and licensing areas.


E-Score Celebrity and Character: These Reports have a Total Awareness score greater than or equal to 0%. The products were fielded after 10/01/2014 among survey takers whose responses match all of the following: ‘Age is greater than or equal to 13’.

E-Score Character – Kids: Characters in any category. These Reports have a Total Awareness score greater than or equal to 0%. The products were fielded from 10/01/2014 to 10/03/2016 among all survey takers.


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