The Brands That Do It For D.I.Y.


Every brand wants to market to consumers who are susceptible to their message. Relevancy is a key metric that can predict consumer behavior. When combined with user behavior data, relevancy can guide a brand’s messaging and make sure it’s being delivered to the right audience. We used E-Score Brand data to find out which brands Do-It-Yourself TV genre viewers find most Relevant to Me.


The list of most relevant brands to D.I.Y viewers is retailer heavy. In fact, 80% of the top 10 are retailers. The remaining 2 brands are consumer brands led by HGTV Home, which takes the top spot overall on the list. HGTV Home is readily associated with D.I.Y. as the brand compliment to the TV network; consumers describe the brand as having, “Stylish [and] innovative products for the home and garden.”
Given the access to thousands of products, and the ability to re-order supplies conveniently, D.I.Y. TV viewers are finding online brands increasingly relevant. Brands like and make the list of relevant brands and are also considered more Practical and Reliable than the average retailer.
As expected, D.I.Y. staples like The Home Depot and Michaels are relevant brands to D.I.Y. TV viewers. These brands are among the most relevant and appealing to the D.I.Y. crowd. Other brands may be more relevant than Michaels, however, not many are more appealing, as its 70% Appeal is the third highest score.
While many brands may be seen as appealing, in order to fully understand consumer sentiments a deeper measure of their connection to consumers is needed. Appeal alone does not move consumers to purchase. Deeper metrics like a brand being seen as Relevant to Me help paint a more comprehensive picture. E-Score Brand allows you to measure these deeper connections and go more in depth to see what’s beyond the Appeal of a brand.
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