Cross-Platform Ad Effectiveness | Ad Effectiveness Case Study



Major TV Network

Brands Tested:

Automotive, Telcom, Movie Trailers

Research Objective:

Explore differences in ad perceptions and viewing habits across 4 platforms: Live TV, VOD, Desktop Computer and Mobile Device


Cross platform advertising strengthens the advertiser’s message.  Non-linear platforms hold their own in generating strong advertising recall, positive brand perceptions, and the intention to take positive brand actions.  Although live TV still eclipses other platforms in ad recall, VOD and Mobile Device viewers stand above the others in terms of higher ad attentiveness, brand purchase consideration and likelihood to recommend brands to others.  Car ads especially capture the attention of mobile device viewers while desktop viewers are very receptive to movie trailers.

Results informed our partner in developing a strategic cross-platform advertising strategy.



  1. Four groups meeting specific qualifications were recruited from E-Poll Panel to view (the same episode) of a crime drama on TV:
  • Live TV Viewers
  • VOD Viewers
  • Desktop/Laptop Viewers
  • Mobile Device Viewers
  1. Each group watched the same specific episode of a TV crime drama on their respective platforms.
  1. Shortly after the viewing experience, respondents completed an online survey to record their reaction to and perceptions of the advertising they saw during the show.
  1. Results across the four groups were compiled and compared in a report.

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