Annual Cross-Seasonal Ad Integration Study | Ad Effectiveness Case Study



Entertainment Program

Brands Tested:

National Clothing Retailer

Research Objective:

Measure the marketing effectiveness, creative execution, content, and timing of branded integrations and sponsorships of a national clothing retailer in an entertainment program.


The national clothing retailer integrations and sponsorship in this entertainment program were extremely successful. All four test cells, in addition to the unexposed viewer cell, generated strong results and exceed the control group on all key indicators including awareness, familiarity, favorability, consideration, likelihood to purchase, past 12-month purchase, likelihood to recommend, agreement statements and attributes.

Significant increases were observed on:
• Brand recall
• Sponsorship recall
Additionally, each segment was favorably evaluated for the brand on:
• Appeal
• Familiarity
• Favorability
• Likelihood to consider, recommend, and intent to purchase

These positive results enabled our partner to strengthen the effectiveness of this integration and sponsorship for the next fiscal year.


1. Six groups were recruited from the E-Poll panel:

• Control Group 1 – Non viewers of specified program
• Control Group 2 – Unexposed viewers of specified program
• Test Group 1 (exposed to episode integration #1)
• Test Group 2 (exposed to episode integration #2)
• Test Group 3 (exposed to episode integration #3)
• Test Group 4 (exposed to episode sponsorship)

2. An online survey was administered to each group, which was tailored to include exposure to their specific video integration.

3. Results across the six groups were compiled reported to the client in a visual presentation.


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