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Daytime Talkshow TV Program

Brands Tested:

Major Appliance Manufacturer

Research Objective:

Annually evaluate the impact of a major appliance manufacturer’s ongoing integrated sponsorship of a popular daytime TV show, as well as the show’s website.


Awareness of a major appliance company’s integrated sponsorship of this daytime program grew significantly from 2015 to 2016, illustrating the cumulative effectiveness of this partnership.  All three test groups generate strong results and out-performed the control group on all key measures including awareness, recall, favorability, purchase consideration, purchase intent and advocacy.  Those who were in the market for home appliances consistently post the highest ratings of the brand.

Significant lifts from 2015 to 2016 were observed for:

  • Awareness of the Sponsorship
  • Selection of this Brand as the Favorite Home Appliance Brand
  • Use of this Home Appliance Brand

Using these results, our partner is able to strengthen the effectiveness of this advertising sponsorship year over year.


  1. Four groups were recruited from the E-Poll panel, each meeting the same selection criteria.
  • Control Group (exposed to episode with no target advertising or integration)
  • Test Group 1 (exposed to episode with target integration)
  • Test Group 2 (exposed to episode with target integration and traditional :30 commercial)
  • Test Group 3 (exposed to episode with the target integration and website)
  1. Each group was administered an online survey which included their respective exposures.
  2. Visual results across the four groups were compiled and presented to the client in a report.

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