Top 25 Shows For End of Summer Bingeing


Summer is almost over. The games in Rio are done. The new shows on TV will not premiere for another few weeks. What to watch until then?

To find the best options, we asked TV Influentials (E-Poll members who say people look to them for advice on TV show choices,) which shows they would recommend for end of summer bingeing and catch-up viewing. When looking for potentially bingeable shows, the recommendations of these influential viewers are a good indicator, and make up our list of the Top 25 Recommended Shows for End of Summer Bingeing.



The Drama of Bingeing

According to our TV Influentials, dramas are the most bingeable shows. In fact, 80% of their top 25 recommended shows are dramas. Shows like Game of Thrones have captivating storylines and characters that viewers are drawn into. It is described by E-Score Programs viewer comments as a show that, “gets you hooked and you really don’t know what to expect next.” GoT furthers its bingeable title as it is also one of the shows viewers say they Make A Special Effort to Watch most, with 86% of viewers agreeing with this attribute. This is second on the top 25 only to Justified with 92% saying they Make A Special Effort to Watch.


Captivating Shows

One of the major factors driving the bingeability of a show is the ability to keep the majority of its audience’s attention. Of the recommended shows on the list, only two score less than 50% for the attribute Keeps My Attention among TV Influentials. Seven of the 25 shows retain the attention of around two-thirds of their audience. Supernatural and Jane the Virgin lead the list as they are associated with this attribute by 69% and 68% of Influentials respectively. The ability to keep the audience’s attention is a core component of any bingeable show.


Catching Up Without The Drama

Although dominated by dramas, the top 25 list is not devoid of other show genres. A few comedies are sprinkled in, but the most surprising to make the list are the two unscripted shows. These types of shows are great for catch up viewing. While not considered the typical bingeable programming, shows like American Ninja Warrior and America’s Got Talent have strong social appeal among Influentials as both are in the top five for the attribute Talked About Show. These shows also rank highly as Engaging and Exciting, further validate their recommendation as shows to watch before the summer ends.



TV Influentials are people that others look to for advice on which shows to watch, and as such their recommendation is a good barometer for the bingeability of a show. Shows that score highly for Make a Special Effort to Watch and other supporting attributes among this group have a good chance of being the shows that will see mass consumption before the start of the new fall season. E-Score products are able to help predict important trends like bingeability by dissecting data by categories and allowing the user to build to their needs by combining detailed demographics and key attributes.



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