The Characters That “Influencers” Love

Some people have more influence than others. Friends and colleagues look to them for advice, and they can recommend and shape the entertainment that others watch. We sorted our E-Score Character database to find the characters that self-described influencers want to see more of. Our top ten list includes a number of side-kicks and supporting characters, classic versions of blockbuster franchises, and two under-the-radar franchises that are poised for a resurgence.

Top 10 Characters Influencers Want to “See More”

Looking at this list, here are some take-aways:

♦     Almost half are supporting characters in movies.Ron_Weasley

Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, Donkey from Shrek, and Darth Vader are three supporting characters from major franchises that are primed for spinoffs. The Wonder Woman spin off for Summer 2017 also looks set to spawn a new franchise. This shows that the trend of spin-offs and expanding “Cinematic Universes” is still going strong.


♦     Two of the biggest blockbuster franchises score high in Extendability.

People are Very Interested in The Avengers and X-Men as a Toy or Action Figure, as A Video Game, and Clothing. However, it’s the classic rendered (cartoon or comic-book) versions of these characters that draw the most interest.

♦     A resurgence for Jetsons and Looney Tunes

jetsons-clipBoth The Jetsons and Looney Tunes are described as “Classic,” and rank high on our list of characters that influencers want to “see more of.”  Although these properties are under the radar compared to some on this list, both have high awareness in addition to “want to see,” which bodes well for a proposed Space Jam update.


E-Score Character contains hundreds of ways to sort and filter data by your specific target audience – like influencers – so you can focus in on the people who will give your property the best chance to succeed in the marketplace.



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  1. […] Looney Tunes ranks third in top entertainment franchises among Gen X and sits in the top five among Insta-Gens and millennials. The highly anticipated reboot of Space Jam featuring LeBron James is sure to find success as the 90-year-old franchise continues to be top-of-mind across all age groups. E-Score previously highlighted the value of the Looney Tunes franchise here. […]

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