#Summer16: The Artists Millennials Most Want to See In Concert


Summer is in full swing. Time for barbecues, fireworks, and Summer concerts and music festivals. With dozens of festivals happening, and hundreds of artists performing throughout the summer, we used E-Score Music to find the sixteen artists Millennials most want to see Performing In Concert this Summer.

Artists Millennials Most Want To See In Concert

Top-16-Summer-Music-ToursReports have a Total Awareness score greater than or equal to 15%. Products were fielded after 1/28/2015 among survey takers ages 13-34. Ranking is among artists touring in Summer 2016.

Of those aware of Twenty One Pilots, 91% of Millennials have listened to at least one of their songs. So, it’s no surprise many want to see them in concert. In fact, 93% listen to their music at least twice per week indicating their loyal fan base. That they come in at the top spot on our list suggests Millennials want to see in concert the bands they listen to most often, along with the biggest names like Beyoncé and Adele.

Millennials are not only interested in seeing the biggest names and the artists they listen to everyday, they also want to see Classic artists in concert. In fact, nine of the top twenty songs in Spotify’s Top 500 Songs for Millennials are considered classic rock, a theme of the list as a whole. Billy Joel is considered Classic by 60% of Millennials, and is #5 on our list of artists they most want to see in concert. Other Classic artists joining him on the list are AC/DC and Garth Brooks, considered Classic by 60% and 44% of Millennials respectively. With all three touring this summer, this should help keep their concert figures in line with last year’s numbers reported by Seat Geek.

Rounding out the list of artists Millennials most want to see in concert is Drake, who coined the #Summer16 craze. According to those aware of him he is Influential and a Trend Setter as two of his Top Five Attributes. Drake’s influence has translated into sold out concerts across the globe.

Not every artist on this list will be able to sell out shows world-wide, or draw crowds from generations young and old. What they will be able to do is be seen in front of a significant and passionate audience that they have a level of influence over. The ability to gain exposure to their audience live and in the moment can be vital to a brand. These artists represent great opportunities to connect with Millennials via sponsorship, merchandising, etc. How can you get these artists to utilize their platform to your advantage?


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