The Most Interesting Man in the Solar System



Recently embarking on what is described as a one-way trip to Mars, The Most Interesting Man in the World may have to adopt a new nickname as the most interesting man in the solar system. The Dos Equis’ spokesman has long been one of the most popular characters in the E-Score Character database, and his ranks among the hundreds of advertising characters measured reflect his iconic stature: #1 Intriguing, #2 Influential, #3 Cool, #3 Trend-Setter, and #78 Down to Earth.

Ranks Among All Advertising Characters

The Most Interesting Man in the World


If this is farewell, The Most Interesting Man in the World is certainly going out at the top of his game: over the past year his Total Awareness has increased by 8 points (with an 11 point increase for Image Awareness).


Adios Amigo! Here’s hoping they have plenty of Dos Equis where you’re going.

All data from E-Score Character. Filtered by consumers ages 21-49


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