Recommended Brews for Summer BBQs


Not many things go better with Summer than a barbecue with friends, family, and a good brew. With that in mind, we took a look at the top 15 Beers/ Ciders  people are most likely to serve their friends and relatives (Would recommend to friends/ family) at their summer parties, limited to national and regional brands.

According to our E-Score Brand data, the beer consumers are most likely to recommend has a long, storied history. Brewed by the oldest operating brewery in the country, Yuengling Lager, is described as “Tasty and refreshing,” and “American quality” by consumers. Having been in business for nearly 200 years, Yuengling Lager has seen more than its share of summer fun.

The most recommended alcoholic beverages are not just limited to beers. Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Angry Orchard, and Redd’s Apple Ale are not actually beers, proving that you can pair your next BBQ with more than your standard brew. Beer and Cider make people think of summer – as one consumer put it when asked his top of mind associations with the Mike’s Hard Lemonade brand: “I think of bonfires on a summer night.”

These Beer and Cider brands each have their unique image among consumers, whether it’s “Classic” like Stella Artois, “Fun” like Corona, or “Distinctive,” like Blue Moon. This gives consumers a wide array of choices, and brewers many ways to connect with the market of summer beer and cider drinkers.

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