Most Appealing Characters Among Tweens and Millennial Moms

Most Appealing Characters Tweens and Millennial Moms

As the licensing industry gathers in Las Vegas for Licensing Expo 2016, E-Poll took a look at two of the demographic groups generating the most buzz among our clients. Using our E-Score Character and Character Kids research products, we examined the favorite characters of Tweens and Millennial Moms.

When it comes to choosing a favorite branded character, every demographic group has its own preferences. Tweens and Millennial moms have strong interest in branded characters, but have very different tastes. Both groups favor what might be considered youth-oriented characters, but the Millennial Moms mostly prefer more classic characters and characters that tend to be important to the younger children in their households. Meanwhile Tweens’ tastes are more contemporary.

Among the 57 attributes measured by E-Score, Moms use terms like Funny (65%), Exciting (32%) and Unique (26%) to describe their favorite characters, while Tweens choose A Good Friend, (47%), A Hero (45%), and Interesting (38%). Both groups describe their favorite characters as Brave and Cool. The results highlight the fact that while there are many “evergreen” characters with cross-generational appeal, when looking at favorite characters, each generation is unique.

Tweens (Ages 9-12)

Tweens Character Appeal

Millennial Moms

Millennial Moms Character Appeal


Each E-Score survey is conducted among 1,500 persons (500 for kids) with general representation across income, age, education and geographic demographics to represent a cross-section of the U.S. population.

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