Under Armour: The Growing Force in Sports Apparel

Fueled by increases in Awareness and Appeal, Under Armour (UA) has experienced rapid growth in the apparel and footwear market. New data from E-Score Brand shows a 15 point increase in awareness over the past four years. That coupled with the ability to spot MVP caliber athletes before they reach that plateau has propelled Under Armour’s sales and driven the company into the #2 spot in the U.S. sportswear industry, recently overtaking Adidas.

Under Armour has been able to sign some of the biggest young stars in sports to endorsement deals before they became superstars. From Cam Newton (NFL), Steph Curry (NBA 2x), and Bryce Harper (MLB – NL) to Jordan Spieth (PGA), Canelo Alvarez (Boxing), and Carey Price (NHL); the eye for talent at UA is phenomenal as their roster includes the MVP/ POY/ Champion of every major sport last year.


The MVP's of Under Armour 2

Although Under Armour is not as well known as some brands that have been around longer, they are building what may become the most appealing brand. With an Awareness of 46% among sports fans (44% among the general population), UA comes in 4th among sports apparel companies, behind long established incumbents like Nike (76%), Adidas (68%), and Puma (52%). However their Appeal at 49% among sports fans ranks 2nd to only Nike at 56%. The rise in Awareness and Appeal may have helped to convince a slew of young talented athletes to endorse Under Armour, or maybe it’s the other way around.

What else is fueling Under Armour

  • Ranks #1 for Would try Brand’s New Products/Services (46%) Nike (45%) Adidas (31%) & Puma (26%)
  • Ranks #1 for Brand Consideration – 14% of non-users say they “Definitely & Probably” will purchase vs. Nike (8%), Adidas (7%), Puma (6%)
  • Ranks #2 for Better than competitors (36%) Nike #1 (37%) Adidas (22%) & Puma (14%)
  • Ranks #2 for Would recommend to family and friends (37%) Nike #1 (40%) Adidas (26%) & Puma (20%)


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