Celebrities with the Biggest Gains in Appeal


Over the past year, the finales of several popular TV shows, a Star Wars reawakening and chart-topping records have led to big gains in popularity for many celebrities associated with those projects.

As measured by E-Score Celebrity, here are the 20 celebrities with the biggest gains in appeal (% Like A Lot) over the past year.

Celebrities with the Biggest Gains

With an amazing performance as the beloved Hans Solo in the record breaking Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Harrison Ford’s appeal jumped 14 percentage points over the past year, the most of any celebrity this year. With an E-Score of 100, Mr. Ford has the magic formula for blockbuster hits. He has signed on to the upcoming projects including Indiana Jones 5 and the long anticipated sequel to Blade Runner.

Angela Bassett has used her talents on the stage, movie screens and on TV. Her appeal has jumped 13 percentage points this year earning her the second spot on this list. She is currently starring in American Horror Story and had a powerful appearance in Amazon Studio’s first original movie, Chi-Raq.

Adele had a solid nine percentage point boost in her appeal this past year with the release of her record breaking new album “25.” The album sold more copies in the US than any album in the last four years.

Taylor Swift is another musician who had a great year in 2015. Her appeal increased seven percentage points from 2014 to 2015. At 79 percent awareness, she also has the highest awareness percentage on this list. Ms. Swift was presented with three Grammys including Album of The Year in 2015.

The diversity of the people on this list show there are many ways to achieve increased popularity.

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