The Extendable Lego Batman

With a feature film scheduled for 2017 Lego Batman is already generating interest among kids 6-12.

E-Score Character measures more than 3,800 characters and ranks the interest in seeing a character extended into other media. The graph below shows the percentages broken down into kids (aged 6-12) very interested and somewhat interested in seeing Lego Batman represented in each type of media.

Interest_in_Seeing_Character_in_Various_Media_Lego_Batman_E-Score_Character_Kids_2016_04_18 (2)

Lego Batman has extendibility higher than the average video game characters. (All percentages show very interested + somewhat interested.)


Extendable Lego Batman (1).png


A year ahead of the film’s release Lego Batman is already generating interest in many different media.

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