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No longer does television just mean broadcast. Online streaming media services are adding original content to their offerings, ushering in the age of “binge watching.”

Here is how the streaming stars of original TV series on Amazon, Hulu and Netflix ranked:

Stars of Streaming

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There are currently 89 original shows streaming on Amazon¹, Hulu² and Netflix². With multiple new shows being announced, it is evident that these streaming services have found a new niche with original content.

One of the strongest performers in that niche is also the strongest performer on this list. With Critics Choice Award and People’s Choice Award wins for the show, it’s not surprising that Orange Is The New Black tops the list with six entries, including the top spot. Though her character Crazy Eyes is not the main focus of the show, multiple award winning actress Uzo Aduba steals most scenes and ranks highest in appeal. She is joined on this list by Emmy-nominated Laverne Cox. While OITNB has the most, it is not the only show with multiple entries.

Although, spread over two shows, Marvel makes an impressive showing with four characters. Apparently, Killgrave’s appeal reaches beyond Jessica Jones, as David Tennant comes in right behind Ms. Aduba with the second spot on our list. His Jessica Jones co-star, Mike Colter, also makes an appearance. Daredevil characters take up two spots on the list, but interestingly Charlie Cox, who plays Daredevil, comes in behind his on-screen girlfriend Deborah Ann Woll.

The final show with multiple stars on this list is Amazon’s Golden Globe winning, Mozart In The Jungle, with two. Another Amazon show to make the list features former broadcast TV star, John Goodman who adds appeal to the Alpha House cast.

While some former broadcast TV stars are crossing over, some shows are also finding success in the streaming world after a cancellation from broadcast TV. Hulu made the move to revive The Mindy Project, following Fox’s cancellation. While its star enjoys a high E-Score, Mindy Kaling has an average appeal among all streaming actors. Kaling is a new comer to the streaming world, but both she and The Mindy Project continue to see success in the new medium.

Digital streaming is a new medium on the rise and the growing appeal is evident as these shows continue to increase subscribers for their respective services. Streaming is also proving to be beneficial for talent, as these shows gain more exposure and awards. It’s becoming obvious that original streaming content, and its stars are making a permanent place for themselves.

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