The Top 15 Trend Setting and Stylish Celebrities


With a growing number of celebrities designing their own fashion collection, we wanted to find out who actually has what it takes to make it in fashion. Using E-Poll data we found which celeb-designers are considered “Trend-Setters” and “Stylish” among Fashionistas (consumers who feel that being current with styles/fashion is important).

Top 15 Celebrity-Designers considered “Trend-Setters” among Fashionistas

Celebrity Designer- Trend Setter

Top 15 Celebrity-Designers considered “Stylish” among Fashionistas

Celebrity Designer- Stylish

Celebrities known for their definitive styles and fashion sense can quickly find success producing their own fashion lines. Many are finding success through collaborations with established brands. Kanye West is possibly the most well known celebrity brand collaborator. His current deal with Adidas is his second major shoe deal, following his massively successful collaboration with Nike. While Yeezy decided to leave the Nike family, amid some controversy, Nike still holds the keys to the celebrity collaboration kingdom. This is evident by their countless athlete and celebrity endorsements. One of these, Serena Williams, was the inspiration behind Nike’s “Greatness Collection”- a line that included footwear as well as apparel for on, or off the court. It appears the sneaker companies are all putting their hats into the celebrity endorsement game. In December 2015, it was announced that Rihanna would become the Artistic Director for a Puma capsule collection, in addition to her role as ambassador for the brand. While the shoe companies are ahead of the game, many fashion brands understand the impact of celebrity backing as well. Many fast fashion brands have found great success with their celebrity collaborations. H&M is one such company to gain notoriety with capsule collections by celebrities. Their first foray into a celebrity-backed line was “M by Madonna” in 2007.

Celebrities have been lending their names to fashion brands for collaborations for years. The public wants to live vicariously through the products celebrities are tied to. Is there anyway better than wearing something a celebrity designed on his or her own? Many celebrities try their hand at their own line, a line as unique to their style. One such celeb-designer, Pharrell is constantly seen in pieces from his line, Billionaire Boys Club. Jessica Simpson has created a brand with over 30 categories full of affordable and attainable pieces for the masses. Possibly the best known celeb-designers, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen used their fame to create 3 diverse fashion lines ranging from the inexpensive Olsenboye to the luxurious The Row, with Elizabeth & James in between. They are even adding an eye wear line to their many offerings. Not to be left out of the designing fun, Sarah Jessica Parker created the SJP shoe line that would make her iconic character Carrie Bradshaw proud. Celebrities are recognizable and appealing, therefore placing their personal style on a line can lend more credibility to the line.

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