Who Are Baseball’s Marketing All-Stars?


With the Baseball All-Star Game next week, we found which players MLB fans find most appealing. Are these the players baseball fans want to see most in advertising?



It’s no surprise Mike Trout’s awareness is high having been the face of baseball for the past few years. Evan Longoria has a higher awareness, but is considerably less appealing than Trout. Will Mike Trout’s awareness go up as he gains more notoriety as a baseball legend?

While Trout and Longoria represent the MLB’s home-grown stars, one of the game’s most recognizable international stars, Ichiro Suzuki vows to play in the MLB until he is 50. At 42, it will be interesting to see how his power to attract marketing dollars changes over the next 8 years.

Two players with contrasting levels of appeal, Dustin Pedroia and Miguel Cabrera have very similar scores in awareness. Could this be a function of the teams they play for?

Will these be the players gracing more marketing campaigns for this baseball season? Or will campaigns use the “baseball legends” with a larger awareness? Each of the most appealing players on this list has a smaller awareness than the average MLB player from our database of current and retired players.

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All data comes from casual to avid baseball fans.

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