How the Rise of Streaming Services Will Affect Your Business


As new services jump on the streaming TV bandwagon daily, continuing their assault on the traditional television business, the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) recently presented a new study conducted by E-Poll on the changing ways consumers find, and watch TV programming by generational groups.

Titled “The Content Distribution and Discovery Revolution,” initial results from this study were presented at the recent CES and NATPE conferences. If you are a member of NATPE or the CEA, you can get a free copy of the full 80 page report.  If you are not a member of either organization, you can buy it at the CEA store at the link below:

NATPE Members Click Here

CEA Members and all Non-Members Click HereSVOD Word Cloud

E-Poll Launches New SVOD Tracking Study

E-Poll has been tracking entertainment program consumption on digital devices and the evolution of streaming technologies for a number of years.  E-Poll’s new tracking study Streaming, On Demand and Binge Viewing: The New TV Landscape is a first-of-its-kind tracking survey of TV content consumption behavior and consumer attitudes across various streaming services including Netflix, Hulu/HuluPlus, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Crackle, etc, as well as new and emerging subscription video on demand (SVOD) services.

For more information about E-Poll’s new SVOD Tracking Study, please contact us here.

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